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NEXT-proaudio unveils medium-format line array


Elation full-colour KL Panel XL soft light now available in IP65 version


The New Chauvet Professional Ovation E-2 FC is Compact, Convenient and Colourful


Funktion-One launches a new generation of Compact Range speakers


Latest KLANG Software packed with feature updates and powerful offline editor


Flexible, energy-saving and built to last: Dynacord presents V600:4, the new go-to multi-channel power amplifier for commercial installations


Brompton Technology unveils world's first receiver card capable of delivering 1 million pixels, RGBW and 1,000 fps for next-gen LED panels


Hippotizer v4.8 launches with Show Manager, Preset Timeline and Integration enhancements


A New Era For Yamaha Audio Systems With Redeveloped ProVisionaire Software Suite And Powerful DME7 Digital Signal Processor


Yamaha Launches AG08 Second Generation Live Streaming Mixer


HH Electronics Launch TNi-WPRO Installation Loudspeakers


Move the Air, Move your Audience with the Compact Yamaha STAGEPAS 200


SIXTY82 launches TPM29S – a top quality reinvention of the industry’s most used box truss


Audient Expands EVO with Eight-Channel Smart Mic Preamp: SP8


City Theatrical Launches Three Beam Control Accessories for Martin MAC Aura XIP


Yamaha Announces EASE Address Support for Ceiling Speakers


New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers


Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software


Elation’s all-in-one KL Profile FC ellipsoidal now shipping


Alcons BC272 Cardioid Sub: Reduced Size, Increased Control


DAP Silent Disco


LightShark Launches New Software For its Range of Multi-protocol Lighting Consoles


New ChamSys MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 – Software Expands Possibilities


Powersoft ArmoníaPlus 2.5 adds further AES67 Support


Ayrton launches Zonda 3


NEXT-proaudio unveils medium-format line array

NEXT-proaudio unveils medium-format line array

The Portuguese manufacturer NEXT-proaudio has unveiled the LA210x, a medium format three-way, coaxial, active line array element designed to support a wide range of mid to large-sized touring applications and installations where easy to use, from transportation to installation and rigging are critical. Built-in powerful DSP and amplification eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and basic system calibration.

Custom made European transducers and a maximally optimised acoustic design provide excellent sound fidelity at very high SPL levels. The LA210x features dual 10-inch (3-inch voice coil) neodymium woofers and a ground-breaking coaxial ring radiator loaded by an exclusively developed OSWG waveguide. This acoustic design delivers exceptional phase coherence and consistent coverage down to 300Hz and the most accurate transient reproduction.

Onboard, advanced, powerful 96kHz/40bit SHARC DSP engine, monitored by built-in LCD screen with a preset loading encoder, can be remotely monitored and controlled through ethernet by a PC. The full-featured PC-software automatically identifies each device and allows simultaneous control of multiple devices through grouping facility. Everything you need to fine-tune the sound of your system is right there.

Engineered for both touring and installation the system is driven by a passively cooled 2000W three-way ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier module releasing 1000W for LF section, 500W for MF section and 500W for the HF section. Integrated universal mains power supply with PFC provides consistency and optimum performance anywhere in the world.

The three-point rigging system allows for quick and easy system set up. The LA210X elements are easily connected via two front links. A rear centre link allows the user to define relative splay angles from 1° to 10°. The system will automatically lock to the predefined angles when lifting the array.

8th February 2023

Elation full-colour KL Panel XL soft light now available in IP65 version

Elation full-colour KL Panel XL soft light now available in IP65 version

Lighting designers have been quick to adopt Elation’s KL Panel XL for high-quality soft light illumination in broadcast and film environments of all types. Now the full colour spectrum soft light is available in an IP65 version, the KL Panel XL IP, that makes it an even more versatile broadcast-quality luminaire.

The fixture’s IP65 design means the KL Panel XL IP can be used in a wider range of applications and locations. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings, it is an ideal soft light solution for on-location applications. Its weatherproof design allows it to function properly in harsh environments and adverse conditions, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance and saving both time and cost.

The KL Panel XL IP offers exceptional output with precise control over colour temperature and full spectrum colour rendering for an even wash coverage. Optimised for the tuneable white light requirements of film and television, it is a versatile and reliable soft light source for a wide range of applications that demand outstanding performance and colour quality. It provides bright, highly variable lighting of exceptional quality for key, fill and backlight.

Using a highly-efficient 570W RGBW+ lime + cyan LED Array, the KL Panel XL IP produces beautifully soft white or full colour washes up to 40,000 field lumens at a 100° half-peak angle. Colour reproduction is extremely accurate both to the eye and to the camera with a CRI of 95 while colour temperature is easily adjustable from 2,000 to 10,000K for a wide choice of variable colour or white shade projections. Additional colour tuning is possible through a green-shift adjustment and virtual gel library to match more precisely the white balance for the camera.

The KL Panel XL IP’s LED array is equipped with multi-zone control, enabling dynamic colour access, visually striking effects and realistic reproductions, such as fire, lightning, emergency vehicle flashes and various strobe effects.

Besides its wide spectrum of chromatic options, this dynamic soft light luminaire includes other useful design features like smooth 16-bit dimming and selectable dimming curve modes for programming ease, as well as a high-speed electronic shutter and strobe. Measuring 33.1 in/840mm (L) x 14.4 in/366mm (H), a 4x2-section control option provides additional creative capabilities for colour effects and visual impact. The KL Panel XL IP comes with a diffuser for even softer projections, as well as adjustable and removable 8-leaf barn doors that enable customisation of the beam shape and reduction of light spill.

Virtually silent, the KL Panel XL IP is fully optimised for broadcast and film environments with 900-25000Hz LED refresh rate adjustment for flicker free operation. Compact and portable, it can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included junior pin adapter. A rugged housing with impact-resistant surrounds and base plate ensure that the fixture can handle rough handling on today’s fast-paced sets.

The KL Panel XL IP is fully self-contained without the need for an external power supply and offers power pass through for easy linking of multiple units. The fixture can be powered remotely through its integrated 4-pin XLR 24-36 VDC battery input (battery not included). Professional control options include DMX/RDM, Art-NET and sACN. It can also be controlled manually for stand-alone use using the included encoders and OLED display, providing instant control of intensity, colour temperature, green shift and other settings. The display and encoders are conveniently positioned on the bottom of the fixture to ensure easy access while the fixture is mounted on a stand. The integration of Elation’s E-FLY wireless DMX system allows for even more flexibility of use.

The KL Panel XL IP is energy efficient for such a bright soft light, consuming 681W of max power, and offers other benefits of LED like greater reliability, a long LED life rating and less maintenance for a lower cost of ownership.

6th February 2023


The New Chauvet Professional Ovation E-2 FC is Compact, Convenient and Colourful

The New Chauvet Professional Ovation E-2 FC is Compact, Convenient and Colourful

Inspired designs come in all sizes. Now so too do fully featured LED ellipsoidal spotlights that can help turn those visions into reality, thanks to the new Ovation E-2 FC from Chauvet Professional.

With an RGBAL engine that delivers richly textured colours and smooth, even whites (it has a CRI of 93), plus an integrated 25-50 degree zoom lens, the Ovation E-2 FC delivers the kind of performance associated with larger fixtures, but in a compact body that makes it ideally suited for small and mid-sized applications.

Weighing in at under 15lbs. and measuring 461 x 310 x 445mm, the tidy but powerful fixture puts out 1107 lux at five metres when used at its narrowest and 488 lux at five metres when used at its widest beam angle.

The Ovation E-2 FC features advanced optics, which means that in addition to rendering beautiful colours, it projects sharp, crisp gobos that add depth to any design. A convenient dedicated focus mode button allows one-touch focusing without the aid of a board operator. A virtual colour wheel and preset white CCTs added to the conveniences offered by this versatile fixtures, which can be controlled via DMX or RDM.

Other features in this ultra-quiet fixture include selectable PWM, +/- green adjustment and emulated red-shift, a built-in gobo slot, electronic dimming, and USB ports for software updates. Thanks to these and other features, the Ovation E-2 FC is taking broader design options to more places than ever.

3rd February 2023

Funktion-One launches a new generation of Compact Range speakers

Funktion-One launches a new generation of Compact Range speakers

Loudspeaker manufacturer Funktion-One has introduced a new generation of Compact Range speakers at ISE 2023 in Barcelona. Enhancements in high frequency driver technology and new porting techniques have led to a collection of outstanding compact loudspeakers that carry Funktion-One’s unmistakable sonic signature. This collection includes the F5.2, F81.2, F101.2 and F1201.2 mid/high speakers, plus the self-powered SB8A and SB10A compact bass speakers.

In addition to the advancements in audio performance, the new Compact Range features both Phoenix and NL4 connectors as standard. All existing installation accessories, except for the F1201.2 wall bracket, are compatible with the new versions.

The redevelopment of the Compact Range began when the world locked down in 2020. Funktion-One founder Tony Andrews recalls: “It was clear there wouldn’t be any big shows for a while, so the logical thing to do was to focus on our smaller products. This gave us an uninterrupted period of R&D, from which emerged a new high frequency driver and flared porting techniques. The Funktion-One sonic signature comes from lively, highly efficient loudspeakers, which has both performance and ecological benefits.”

Funktion-One acoustic design engineer James Hipperson adds: “We’ve kept to the same design philosophy of not trying to force a small speaker to do bass and focusing on the mid-range. To achieve a full range system, we have developed complementary self-powered, compact bass speakers. This gives us our signature Funktion-One mid-range clarity and definition, along with engaging low frequencies.”

Funktion-One’s new generation of Compact Range speakers are available to order now through the loudspeaker manufacturer’s global network of distributors and dealers.

3rd February 2023

Latest KLANG Software packed with feature updates and powerful offline editor

Latest KLANG Software packed with feature updates and powerful offline editor

KLANG’s latest software version 5.3 introduces a flexible offline editor and simulator. This enables users to prepare a show remotely without requiring access to KLANG processor hardware. Built into the KLANG:app, the offline editor emulates any existing KLANG processor from the smallest :vier to the flagship :konductor including network communication for DiGiCo SD and Quantum console integration, as well as to connect other KLANG:apps or the personal mixer :kontroller on a local network.

The Offline Editor also offers full compatibility with DiGiCo consoles’ offline editor, making it possible to set up the console remotely without having a console and KLANG processor on hand.

“Imagine you are sitting on a tour bus to the next gig and you need to make quick changes. Now, you just need your laptop to open an existing show file, adapt it for a different KLANG processor, or changes in the band or equipment available. With just the press of a button you can preview the mix settings with KLANG:app’s built-in :kontroller emulator,” says KLANG’s CEO Dr. Roman Scharrer.

KOS 5.3 also offers greatly improved remote management, adding an extra layer of security to the KLANG system. Administrators are now able to fully restrict access to the system with password protection, and help musicians to connect and configure their :apps remotely. In addition, musicians can be locked to their mix to prevent them from changing another mix.

This goes hand in hand with the possibility to hide and protect certain channels for example, a talkback channel, that should be audible in the musician’s mix, but only be controlled by an engineer. Hiding channels also helps to maintain a super clean channel list for all musicians, for example when working with the tactile :kontroller interface.

When managing a monitoring system with many devices and users, it is crucial to find and access devices quickly. A new feature allows users to sort and search through all KLANG devices found on the network and indicates which devices need attention.

With KOS 5.3, the workflow to collect Logs has also been greatly improved. The KLANG:app now collects all Logs of all devices, and even other :apps on the network, to get a detailed overview of the system with just one push of a button.

Released in 2021, :konductor is KLANG’s flagship product with 128 input channels and 16 mixes, with flexible IO via DiGiCo DMI expansion cards. Now it supports the 16 channel analogue line-level output card DMI-DAC to directly connect analogue wireless IEM transmitters, amongst others. As a powerful and lightweight immersive IEM processor, DMI-KLANG can be connected to consoles with a DMI Slot as well as an Orange Box. With the recent update, DMI-KLANG can also be cascaded with other processors to offer a simplified workflow for more immersive mixes.

Scharrer concludes: “The second generation of KLANG processors fits the high standards of modern touring productions. With the next software upgrade KOS 5.3, we deliver many additional tools to improve the workflows even more and be best prepared for all kinds of set-ups.”

The new software version 5.3 is now available for download for all existing KLANG processors, :kontrollers and :apps. To get a detailed overview of the many new features visit

1st February 2023

Flexible, energy-saving and built to last: Dynacord presents V600:4, the new go-to multi-channel power amplifier for commercial installations

Flexible, energy-saving and built to last: Dynacord presents V600:4, the new go-to multi-channel power amplifier for commercial installations

With the V600:4, Dynacord presents the first member of a new amplifier line for small to mid-sized installation scenarios such as education, hospitality, retail, houses of worship and more. The four-channel power amplifier with a total power of 600 watts is recommended as a go-to power amplifier for consultants, specifiers and installers who are looking for a robust, extremely versatile amplifier that is quick to install and runs trouble-free, even under demanding power conditions.

With a compact 1RU form factor requiring minimal rack space, the V600:4 is fully equipped with best-in-class features and innovative new Dynacord technologies. It offers building owners an optimal combination of real professional performance and resource-efficient power consumption, all at a very attractive price point. All the amplifier technologies were developed by Dynacord engineering, one of the most experienced research teams in the audio industry.

The V600:4 offers the user high flexibility for many applications. This is enabled by multiple power drive options utilising Dynacord’s patented VLD (Variable Load Drive) technology. It allows the amplifier channels to be driven in 4 ohms, 8 ohms, 70V or 100V without compromising the available output power.

The newly developed Dynacord powerTANK technology adds even more installation flexibility, working like a power reservoir for the amplifier. With direct access to the total power of 600W, the V600:4 can deliver asymmetric power across all channels (up to 300W per single channel) as needed. There is no waste of energy, which allows great flexibility, especially when driving multiple audio zones with different power requirements. A single V600:4 can simultaneously serve as system drive for the compact loudspeakers in a small zone such as a kitchen area as well as for larger loudspeakers with up to 300W such as in an auditorium. Contributing to the ease of installation, this feature does not require any special configuration skills: powerTANK engages automatically.

More and more companies are required to reduce their carbon footprints and overall building energy costs to meet strict environmental regulations. Dynacord amplifiers have a proven track record when it comes to supporting energy savings without sacrificing any performance. Overall power consumption can be significantly reduced thanks to ecoRAIL. This technology delivers almost a standby level of power consumption, whilst simultaneously delivering high quality background music ensuring performance and power saving. Both protecting the environment and significantly lowering the total cost of ownership, ecoRAIL always maintains high-quality audio and operational safety.

APD (Auto Power Down) contributes to further optimise efficiency, reducing energy consumption by automatically powering down the amplifier when no audio signal is present. As soon as a signal is detected, auto wake-up will immediately enable the amplifier to be fully operational.

Dynacord power amplifiers enjoy an excellent reputation in the market for outstanding audio performance and extreme robustness. Like all Dynacord amplifiers, the V600:4 is built to last, offering high-quality components and professional performance characteristics. Bullet-proof protection circuitry with sophisticated limiters, originating from Dynacord’s high-end amplifier lines, gives the user peace of mind by protecting the amplifier – as well as the connected loudspeakers – from damage.

The V600:4 incorporates Dynacord’s new dualCOOL technology. Designed as a convection-cooled power amplifier, the device operates silently, making the V600:4 also suitable for installations in quiet environments. Thanks to dualCOOL, a built-in multi-stage fan is activated under extreme thermal conditions, preventing the device from limiting while maintaining full operation even at temperatures of up to 45°C. Proven Power Factor Correction (PFC) for the power supply also contributes towards a flawless performance under unstable power conditions with large voltage swings.

The Dynacord V600:4 power amplifier will be available in spring 2023.

1st February 2023

Brompton Technology unveils world's first receiver card capable of delivering 1 million pixels, RGBW and 1,000 fps for next-gen LED panels

Brompton Technology unveils world\'s first receiver card capable of delivering 1 million pixels, RGBW and 1,000 fps for next-gen LED panels

Brompton Technology has just announced the release of a revolutionary new receiver card, the Tessera G1, which is set to disrupt the LED industry with its ground-breaking capabilities. The G1 is the first receiver card to support 10Gb fibre connections direct to the panel. It is also capable of supporting a staggering one million pixel capacity for a new generation of ultra-fine pixel pitch panels, or up to 1,000 fps (frames per second). All this is made possible by a monumental 20x increase in computing power compared to the existing top performer, the Tessera R2+ receiver card, making the G1 a game-changer for the industry.

This latest innovation is a major advance in the company's mission to push the boundaries of what is possible with LED video processing technology. With the G1 receiver card, users can expect a whole new level of exceptionally realistic visual performance, making it a must-have for content creators in the future.

Cesar Caceres, Brompton's product lead, emphasises that the company's Tessera R2+ receiver card is still optimally positioned to deliver exceptional performance for a vast majority of LED fixtures. In fact, thousands of projects worldwide will continue to use LED panels integrated with R2+ cards with great success. The G1 is the choice for next-generation panels.

“We are definitely not forsaking the R2+ card and all its impressive capabilities,” Caceres explains. “We are simply recognising the rapid advancements of LED video technology. As a company, we are proactively positioning ourselves to meet and exceed the future demands of our industry.”

Already in talks with panel manufacturers, Brompton is working to integrate the new receiver card as the driving force behind the next-generation of LED screens. Caceres notes that the benefits are not only about the substantial increase in pixels that can be processed thanks to the new card, but that it will also facilitate the integration of additional calibrated channels, which Brompton defines as RGBW: red, green blue and whatever!

“As with all our systems, we offer flexibility by keeping the possibilities open for the extra emitters. One of the most useful colours we anticipate panel manufacturers wanting to incorporate is white,” continues Caceres. “When the colours red, green and blue are used to represent ‘white’, the light spectrum they produce may not always look natural and align with the viewer’s expectations. Adding a white channel provides an improved spectral output for the panels. And the G1 has the necessary power to cope with the complex algorithms necessary to maintain colour-accurate calibration and control with extra emitters. Also, the only way to achieve colour accuracy from panels with the new RGBW emitters is by calibrating them, and our unique Dynamic Calibration system was designed to enable this possibility.”

When it comes to in-camera visual effects, LED panels often contribute to lighting the scene, so having additional light emitters in the LED panel represents a significant leap in colour-rendering accuracy on skin tones and foreground elements blending with virtual environments. “In future, if you want a panel that features an extra emitter, or one that boasts an ultra-fine pixel pitch, the G1 receiver card will be the ideal solution,” Caceres adds.

Another pioneering feature of the G1 receiver card is its capability to support a 10 gigabit connection, thus providing tenfold the bandwidth of the current R2+ card and positioning the G1 as a ‘future-proof’ solution.

“What Brompton has created with the G1 is not only poised to impact the live events and virtual production sectors, but it also has the power to influence other industries,” Caceres concludes. “For example, by adding a white emitter, it will be possible to create realistic lighting with a much more potent source. The ultra-fine pixel pitch panels the card is capable of supporting make it suitable for use in 360-degree simulators, or even research centres. The opportunities and applications are virtually limitless, and we are thrilled to be a part of driving the advancement of LED technology, which will lead to incredibly realistic visual experiences in the future.”

1st February 2023

Brompton Technology

Hippotizer v4.8 launches with Show Manager, Preset Timeline and Integration enhancements

Hippotizer v4.8 launches with Show Manager, Preset Timeline and Integration enhancements

Green Hippo has unveiled a Hippotizer v4.8 software update for its range of media servers, packing in an exciting range of new and upgraded features designed to power-up real-time media manipulation, playback and mapping.

A major enhancement is Show Manager, facilitating complete control of multiple productions and installations at once. It allows users to easily save and load various shows on one Hippotizer media server, simplifying show management and switching between events. Within this, shows can be duplicated to enable quick modifications without affecting the primary show data, and each show can be easily labelled for one-glance referencing. For productions run by multiple users of one machine, shows can be locked to protect them from any unwanted edits, and the popular HippoLauncher can now be controlled by TCP Commands allowing to start up or switch into the designed show.

Also upgraded is TimelinePlus, where pre-recorded looks can be easily transferred onto the Preset Timeline for quick, easy show programming.

The Hippotizer SHAPE tool introduces Dockable Windows, aiding customisable workspace management and enhancing 3D project visbility.

And the Hippotizer team has upgraded the built-in integration. Notable is the NDI update to version 5.5, which includes game changing features to its media over IP protocol, allowing for more creative freedom connecting any device with any location.

“We’re thrilled to bring the next level of features to Hippotizer, which are all designed to improve workflow and deliver more power to our end users and designers,” says Zep Mouris, product manager. “The Hippotizer team consistently works hard to implement more and more world-class features in each update and 4.8.0 is something we’re very proud of. We know Hippotizer users are powering some of the most exciting projects on the planet right now, and we hope 4.8.0 can feed into them all. We can’t wait for you to try the new features out!”

Hippotizer 4.8.0 is available for download now from the Green Hippo website, at where a full list of the new and upgraded features can be found.

1st February 2023

A New Era For Yamaha Audio Systems With Redeveloped ProVisionaire Software Suite And Powerful DME7 Digital Signal Processor

A New Era For Yamaha Audio Systems With Redeveloped ProVisionaire Software Suite And Powerful DME7 Digital Signal Processor

Yamaha has launched its redeveloped ProVisionaire suite of system design, control and management software, which allows fully customisable configuration and operation of complex audio systems, alongside the new, exceptionally powerful DME7 Digital Signal Processor.

Already renowned for its flexibility, the ProVisionaire platform has been redeveloped with three core applications which support the user's entire workflow: ProVisionaire Design for system design, ProVisionaire Control for system operation and ProVisionaire Cloud for system management. DME7 is an open architecture-type digital signal processor, which offers state-of-the-art performance and connectivity, 96 kHz sound quality and support for up to 256 input/output channels.

Equally suitable for both the entertainment and ProAV markets, Yamaha's fully-customisable ProVisionaire software lets users create complex, fully-scaleable audio systems, from the smallest to the largest, using just one software suite. What’s more, it delivers the ability for them to be operated very easily by anyone, from the most knowledgeable audio engineer to the most inexperienced user using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

This remarkable flexibility has been radically improved by ProVisionaire’s reincarnation as an integrated suite of software products for the design, operation and management of entire Yamaha and NEXO audio systems, comprising mixers, I/O, amplifiers, processors and more, meaning the ProVisionaire platform supports the customer’s entire workflow. Furthermore, setup and control of a range of third party products is supported.

For the entertainment sector, its high customisability makes it ideal for applications like theatre and live music. It delivers flexible design and operation for audio productions, including customised control with freely assignable parameters to control mixes, DSP and much more. An offline simulation for logic control and probe component also provides verification of system setup and operation, reducing on site setup and checking time.

For ProAV applications, system design can be precisely tailored for permanent installations, for example in corporate, educational, hospitality and retail facilities, sports and theatre infrastructure, plus much more. Bespoke control panels can be easily created to satisfy customer needs, while flexible components like acoustic echo cancelling (AEC) and Dan Dugan auto-mixing are included, meaning entire systems can be controlled by staff with no audio experience. Again, the offline simulation function lets users check system operation offline and probe component at any point in the DSP chain to shorten the time needed for on-site installation.

ProVisionaire Design is a Windows-based system design application and supports a wide range of Yamaha products including the DME7, MTX5-D and MTX3 processors, PC-D series and XMV series amplifiers, DZR series loudspeakers, R-series, Tio and EXio I/O units, as well as unified communications products like the RM-CG and RM-TT microphones. It supports logic control, allowing control sequences to be assembled.

The parameters of systems created in ProVisionaire Design are assigned to the ProVisionaire Control application, which provides unified remote control and monitoring through custom-designed panels. Design time for these can be reduced by using stylish user interface templates, available for download from the Yamaha web site.

A broad range of devices is supported by the control application, including DME7, MTX and MRX processors, CL, QL and TF digital mixers, R-series I/O units, XMV, PC-D and NEXO power amplifiers. It also supports unified communications products like the RM-CR, RM-CG, and RM-TT microphones, MusicCast devices and Disklavier player pianos. This enormous range of product and application support makes ProVisionaire Control truly unique. Panels created with ProVisionaire Control can be output to the ProVisionaire Control Kiosk (Windows) and ProVisionaire Touch Kiosk (iPad) applications for dedicated operation. This prevents users from making unintentional changes to control panels.

System management is provided by Yamaha's new cloud service, ProVisionaire Cloud. Initially, this will manage additional functionality licenses for Yamaha audio equipment, such as the DME7, with activation and deactivation of licenses allowing for efficient management of assets. Further services using the ProVisionaire Cloud infrastructure are in development.

Yamaha’s new hardware DME7 digital signal processor is fully-compatible with the ProVisionaire platform and features 96 kHz audio quality plus up to 256 channels of input/output.

The DME7 provides 64 channels of Dante I/O and matrix mixer as standard, with further channels added via three additional 64-channel licences, activated through ProVisionaire Cloud. These offer the ability for 128x128, 192x192 or 256x256 channels of Dante I/O and matrix mixer to be handled by a single DME7. Additional licences can be activated on a permanent or temporary basis.

A wide range of DSP components is included as standard. These can be freely selected, connected and configured for extremely flexible system construction. These, along with 96kHz audio quality, support for GPI input/output, Logic control, OSC and other protocols, as well as ProVisionaire Design/Control and optional controllers, the DME7 is suitable for the widest range of installed and temporary audio systems, from entertainment applications and sports facilities to retail complexes, office buildings and education.

“For many years, Yamaha has been an industry leader in the development of audio processors, mixers and a variety of other hardware products which harness its expertise in sound and music. More recently, our software products have made setup and control of compatible products much easier, allowing complex systems to be operated very simply,” says Thomas Hemery, general manager of marketing and sales, pro audio division.

“With the redeveloped ProVisionaire software family and advanced DME7 Digital Signal Processor, we are taking audio system design and control to a new level. Now we can offer setup and control solutions for much bigger, more versatile projects, where things like voice lift for audio conferencing, multi-zoned BGM, live entertainment and other non-permanent event systems can all be part of the same network, with every element working to its maximum flexibility, but all with simple, straightforward control.”

The revamped ProVisionaire software suite and DME7 Digital Signal Processor will be available from Spring 2023.

27th January 2023

Yamaha Launches AG08 Second Generation Live Streaming Mixer

Yamaha Launches AG08 Second Generation Live Streaming Mixer

The AG08 is a new all-in-one, multi-purpose live streaming mixer and audio interface from Yamaha. As the flagship model of the company’s second generation AG series, it combines all the essential functionality of the AG range with practical new, intuitive functions for a powerful streaming solution.

By integrating more flexible I/O and USB routing options, additional DSP effects, expanded functionality and improved internal circuitry, the AG08 supports an impressive depth of streaming applications including speech, instrument, playback, gaming and ASMR, as well as offline audio content creation, all with class-leading sound quality. But while it’s packed with useful features, the AG08 is very flexible and simple to use.

Eight input channels are provided, all with assignable faders and mute switches for instant, hands-on control of sound levels. A range of high-quality effects is processed by the AG08’s onboard DSP, ensuring zero latency and no load on the user’s Windows or Macintosh computer. They include a new voice changer effect on channel 1, with an amp simulator on channel 2 for enhanced guitar or bass sound. All of the unit’s input channels feature compression, EQ, reverb and delay, which can be set independently, allowing the optimal setting for each input to be dialled in.

A ducker function can automatically attenuate channels 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 to make sure the sound from channels 1 and 2 is always clearly heard. A maximiser is also provided on the output stage, which can add a level boost to the mix for extra polish and professionalism, as well as attenuating peaking signals to ensure listeners enjoy the best audio experience.

Four effect preset buttons allow users to save effects settings and seamlessly switch between customised presets for channel 1, providing versatile, real-time control on the fly, while the dedicated AG08 Controller app for Windows, Macintosh and iPad OS provides precise parameter control and detailed audio management functions.

The AG08 also includes six customisable sound pads that allow users to easily add pre-recorded sound effects and other audio playback in real time. Using the AG08 Controller app, sound files can be dragged, dropped and assigned to the pad of choice, or samples can be recorded via the AG08’s inputs and trimmed to length within the app.

Channels 1-2 have mono inputs, each with an XLR/TRS combo input for microphone, instrument or other sound source, plus a gain control, switchable +48v phantom power and pad switch. Channel 2 also has a Hi-Z switch for guitar. The rest of the inputs are arranged as stereo pairs: channels 3/4 feature a pair of 1/4 inch TRS line level inputs, channels 5/6 two RCA and 1/8 inch TRS (for gaming services) and channels 7/8 a four pole TRRS socket (for Android devices).

A USB 2.0 socket is provided and the audio sources for channels 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 can be selected from either the line inputs or USB. An additional switch on these channels allows sound to be included or excluded from the stereo, 1/4 inch TRS streaming outputs. The stereo streaming mix can also be output via USB to a Windows or Macintosh computer.

Stereo pairs of XLR and 1/4 inch TRS monitor outputs are provided, as well as two independent headphone / headset outputs.

The unit can be powered via USB for mobile applications and is supplied with a dedicated AC power adapter, while an optional FC-5 footswitch can be used for input mute, tap tempo, voice effect in/out and as an output dimmer. It also comes bundled with Steinberg’s Cubase AI and WaveLab Cast software for music/audio production and editing.

Available in black or white finish, the AG08 is an exceptional streaming solution for everything from commentaries, reaction videos, simple performances and quizzes, with guests in the same space and remote chat, through to complex events like a full variety show. Live streaming and simultaneous recording for post-editing are easily achieved, all in great quality sound.

26th January 2023

HH Electronics Launch TNi-WPRO Installation Loudspeakers

HH Electronics Launch TNi-WPRO Installation Loudspeakers
HH Electronics Launch TNi-WPRO Installation Loudspeakers

UK-based HH Electronics has announced the launch of TNi WPRO installation loudspeakers. There are two versions available: the 12-inch TNi-W12PRO and 8-inch TNi-W8PRO. Suitable for a wide range of small to medium sized applications, both models are available in black or white, and have rotatable waveguides for vertical or horizontal dispersion with 90° x 60° coverage, to enable precise control of sound field.

The TNi-W12PRO features a 12-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2.5-inch voice coil, and a 1.4-inch Celestion CDX1-1445 high frequency driver, while its smaller counterpart features an 8-inch high power HH low frequency driver with 2-inch voice coil, and a 1-inch Celestion CDX1-1070 high frequency driver.

TNi-WPRO are all-wood enclosures with a hard-wearing finish that offer versatile input connection options via either M4 barrier strip or Euroblock. Mounting options include seven M10 Penn-Elcom fly points, and 4 M8 mounting points for optional TNI-BRK30 mounting bracket.

Bars, clubs, houses of worship, ballrooms, conference halls, education settings and live music reinforcement can all benefit from these robust, powerful, flexible and competitively-priced UK designs.

23rd January 2023

Move the Air, Move your Audience with the Compact Yamaha STAGEPAS 200

Move the Air, Move your Audience with the Compact Yamaha STAGEPAS 200

Yamaha Corporation has announced its latest portable, professional PA, the compact and feature-packed STAGEPAS 200. Offering exceptionally high sound quality from a cube-shaped enclosure, measuring just 30cm on each side, and, for the first time, a battery-powered option, the premium STAGEPAS 200 means you can take a performance literally anywhere.

A 1.4” HF + 8” LF high quality coaxial compression driver is powered by a 180W Class D amplifier, delivering exceptional sound pressure, phase response, natural high frequency dispersion and detailed sound. An onboard, five-channel (three mono mic/line and one stereo line) digital mixing section offers unprecedented flexibility for a compact ‘one box’ PA system

With 1-knob EQ/preset and 1-knob effect controls, plus a ‘Mode’ compressor on the main outputs, users can easily and intuitively create the required sound. Input channels 1-3 feature a built-in microphone simulator, allowing optimal sound for acoustic guitars to be set with a single control, while a priority ducker reduces the volume of other sources when a microphone or specific source is in use and a smart feedback suppressor automatically eliminates unwanted feedback. STAGEPAS 200 also supports Bluetooth audio streaming.

As well as straightforward onboard controls, Yamaha’s iOS/Android STAGEPAS Controller app provides real-time, precise remote operation of volume, EQ and effects. Settings can be saved and recalled, greatly reducing set-up time and ensuring consistent sound.

The base of the cabinet houses a 35mm pole mount socket, while the system’s flexibility is enhanced by a rubber stand which can tilt the unit at a 30º or 60º angle, for use either as an audience fill speaker or as a floor monitor for performers.

Alongside the standard STAGEPAS 200, Yamaha is offering STAGEPAS 200 BTR, which features a high capacity, rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. Delivering up to ten hours of continuous operation between charges, the battery lets the system provide reliable performance in remote locations where no other power source is available. The BTR-STP200 battery is also available separately.

Another option is the dedicated CASE-STP200 carrying case with wheels and a large storage pocket, allowing STAGEPAS 200 to be easily and safely transported to any location.

“STAGEPAS 200 takes our range of portable, professional-quality PA systems to a new level of sound quality and versatility from a remarkably small package,” says Thomas Hemery, general manager at Yamaha Pro Audio marketing and sales.

“It is the ideal sound reinforcement system for a huge array of uses, from busking and impromptu outdoor performances to presentations and parties. We are sure that it will be a great solution for anyone in need of a truly portable PA system. Wherever you are, STAGEPAS 200 will move the air and move your audience.”

20th January 2023

SIXTY82 launches TPM29S – a top quality reinvention of the industry’s most used box truss

SIXTY82 launches TPM29S – a top quality reinvention of the industry’s most used box truss

SIXTY82 presents the all-new TPM29S, a new 29cm box truss that is up to 25% stronger, yet fully compatible with, the M29 series box truss.

By introducing TPM29S, the first in SIXTY82’s new TPM Truss Series, Sixty82 has re-invented the industry’s most popular truss type, the M29S box truss, to deliver a new product with a wealth of added benefits to the end user.

TPM29S is up to 25% stronger than similar box trusses enabling it to withstand the most demanding conditions. An improved design of the diagonal braces helps to increase the strength and stability of the truss system, while the new optimised shape and dimensions provide better support to withstand higher forces.

Extruded end frames enable TPM truss to withstand more load without deforming. The extrusion process ensures a precise and uniform shape that is 100% square with a perfect fit, reducing the risk of failure due to poor connections. The extruded end frame also makes TPM29S bounce- and smash-proof.

The removal of the end diagonal support in the new design makes for easy storage and allows easy placement of uplighters within the truss without interfering with the light output. A new truss spigot made of stronger alloy adds a further key improvement to the strength of the TPM Series.

A major feature of the TPM29S is that it is fully compatible/interchangeable with the current M29 Series and can be seamlessly integrated into any M29 Series set-up. In cases where both truss types are used, customers can simply use the loading tables of the M29 truss for safe and reliable operation.

SIXTY82 is very proud to state that the whole process of design of the TPM Series jigs, robot track and integration of the system was entirely carried out in-house by the SIXTY82 team.

“We have taken the holistic approach to improving our whole production process, not only implementing advanced robotics technology, but also adapting the design of the truss to fit the robotising production process as perfectly as possible,” says SIXTY82’s Fokko Smeding. “This unique approach has allowed us to achieve maximum output with the shortest lead times of a top-quality product.”

TPM Series truss is the perfect solution for anyone looking to expand their M29 series and take advantage of the latest innovations in truss technology. TPM29S is the first in the series to be released. Contact SIXTY82 to find out more.

18th January 2023

Audient Expands EVO with Eight-Channel Smart Mic Preamp: SP8

Audient Expands EVO with Eight-Channel Smart Mic Preamp: SP8

EVO by Audient announces the arrival of EVO SP8, an eight channel Smart Preamp with AD/DA. Billed as the perfect expander for any audio interface, SP8 is the newest addition to the EVO range.

“Bigger sessions demand more channels and expanding your existing audio interface via ADAT might be the most cost-effective solution to scale up your studio,” says Audient/EVO marketing director, Andy Allen. “SP8 does exactly that, giving you eight studio quality analogue preamps, a modern and intuitive user experience with exceptional audio performance across the board.”

With SP8’s eight mic/line inputs, eight line outputs and two ADAT I/O connections, this eight-channel smart mic preamp provides enough I/O to tackle multi-mic sessions like recording drums or even a full band.

As with all EVO products, SP8 benefits from the addition of Smartgain, an innovative and time saving feature which gives the option to automatically set the gain with the touch of a button. “As with EVO 16, EVO SP8 can automatically set the gain for all eight channels at once,” explains Andy, highlighting the added advantage for musicians who have multiple mic inputs (drummers) or line inputs (synth players).

“If you’re expanding your current non-EVO audio interface, you get up to eight channels of simultaneous Smartgain with SP8, which not only takes the guesswork out of setting your levels, but also saves you time. If you are pairing two SP8s with your EVO 16 then you have Smartgain on all 24 channels! Soundcheck an entire band in less than 20 seconds. Imagine how that could transform a session and allow producers to stay focused on what’s important: making music,” says Andy.

There’s also a high resolution, full-colour LCD screen built into the unit. “Navigate SP8’s hardware features with blazing speed, courtesy of the Motion User Interface. The wide angle screen intelligently displays information as you need it, transforming EVO SP8 into a fully immersive, easy to use Smart Preamp, the first of its kind,” Andy continues. With the option to view the channel status and keep an eye on metering levels, Motion UI uses a centralised one-knob system to adjust all EVO SP8’s hardware parameters.

“We’re calling it the mic preamp of the future,” says Andy. “Our powerful EVO Mic Preamp technology combines all the sonic advantages of a studio-grade analogue mic preamp with digitally controlled tactile precision, so you can set your gain with pin-point accuracy, right down to the decibel.” EVO Mic Preamps provide 58dB mic gain, while its advanced 32-bit converter technology offers 121dB dynamic range.

Just like EVO 16, the meticulously designed solid steel chassis with non-slip rubber feet means EVO SP8 fits comfortably either on a desktop, in a portable rig or as a permanent fixture in the studio. Optional rack-ears make it that bit more flexible.

17th January 2023

City Theatrical Launches Three Beam Control Accessories for Martin MAC Aura XIP

City Theatrical Launches Three Beam Control Accessories for Martin MAC Aura XIP

City Theatrical now offers three standard beam control accessories designed to fit Martin Lighting’s MAC Aura XIP lighting fixture: the Martin MAC Aura XIP Top Hat, Hexcel Louver, and Concentric Ring. These three beam control accessories were developed based on City Theatrical’s understanding of the unique accessory needs of lighting professionals and the high demand for this moving light fixture in the market. Each new Martin MAC Aura XIP beam control product offers control of stray beams and light spill.

City Theatrical’s engineers and craftspeople design and create beam shaping lighting accessories, like the new Martin MAC Aura XIP Top Hat (P/N 2798), from their New Jersey-based factory. City Theatrical works with designers and manufacturers every day to develop new beam control products, and there are currently dozens of unique variations of City Theatrical Standard Top Hats available. Top Hats help prevent light spill from modern LED fixtures, which can extend nearly 180 degrees from the light source. Top Hats provide careful beam control for the Martin MAC Aura XIP and many other moving light fixtures for entertainment projects.

City Theatrical Concentric Rings deliver 45° cut-off of light spill but from a shorter depth. When space is at a premium, such as on moving lights hung in a tight rig, using a Martin MAC Aura XIP Concentric Ring (P/N 2796) would be a top choice for designers seeking beam control. Concentric Rings are also used to create a Svoboda-like style on lighting fixtures that are in view of the audience.

Serving a similar beam control function to a City Theatrical Top Hat or Concentric Ring at a minimal depth, Martin MAC Aura XIP Hexcel Louvers (P/N 2797) provide beam control and 45° cut-off of light spill. City Theatrical Hexcel Louvers use cells that are 3/8” x 3/8” x 3/8” deep, and provide a sleek appearance when mounted on the lighting fixture.

City Theatrical currently offers 28 styles of beam control accessories for 13 different Martin Lighting moving light fixtures through their dealer network, and can also create custom manufactured beam control accessories for end users of Martin Lighting fixtures.

16th January 2023

Yamaha Announces EASE Address Support for Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha Announces EASE Address Support for Ceiling Speakers

Yamaha has announced that its VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are now compatible with the EASE Address software calculating tool, making the simulation of ceiling speaker placement and sound pressure levels quicker and more flexible for system designers.

VXC and VC series ceiling speakers are ideal for corporate, education and commercial spaces. Already supported by Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions Speaker Calculator (CISSCA) and NEXO's NS-1 system configuration software, the new compatibility with AFMG Technologies’ EASE Address significantly expands the range of calculators available to engineers.

EASE Address is very simple to use. After drawing a top view of the facility, the user chooses the speaker models and the placement is automatically calculated, taking into account sound pressure levels. Manual operation of the software is also possible, allowing the user to delete speakers from the system draft or move them, for example to take restricted installation locations into account.

Furthermore, the results and speaker placement information can be exported to the EASE, which can be used to significantly reduce the time spent working with it.

“Yamaha’s CISSCA quickly simulates the required number and placement of a wide range of speakers by simply answering a selection of questions, while NEXO’s highly acclaimed NS-1 helps users to achieve uniform sound pressure distribution in any venue, including large facilities, through its intuitive operation. Support for EASE Address will further expand the user's options, enabling them to select a calculator that is precisely suited to their purpose and application,” says Thomas Hemery, Yamaha general manager of Yamaha’s PA marketing and sales department.

“As a company we are always listening to our customers and will continue to provide support for the most flexible, intuitive and precise system design applications.”

13th January 2023

New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers
New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

DAP introduces its newest range of loudspeakers with a stylish design for permanent install: WMS. These wall mount speakers are easy to install with the use of the included wall mounting plate. With the integrated ball joint the speakers are aimed and oriented effortlessly. They come in a variety of configurations: 16 ohm or 100V, black or white, 4-inch woofer or 6.5-inch woofer, totalling eight models to choose from.

The new and stylish DAP WMS series of loudspeakers are designed in Europe and intended for permanent installation. They are excellent for use in public places, shops, restaurants and even clubs. Using the included wall mount, the speakers can be installed in no time. Simply install the wall mount and connect the wires to the screw terminals in the wall mount. Then, just place the speaker on the wall mount, a one-hand operation, and it is connected! Thanks to the integrated ball joint, each speaker of the WMS series can be panned and tilted freely over 30° in any direction, and it can be rotated over 90°, making changing over from horizontal to vertical orientation as easy as pie.

The 16-ohm versions (WMS4 and WMS6) come in black and white with the choice between 4-inch and 6-inch models. The 100 V versions (WMS4T and WMS6T) also come in black and white and, again, there are 4-inch and 6.5-inch models available. The 100 V speakers also feature a four-position power tap that allows for adjusting their volume to the desired level.

The connectors are rated IP54 and the housing is made from ABS, so it is strong, stiff, and impact-resistant. The speakers are protected with a special coating against moisture. The WMS series has excellent high and low temperature performance and great electrical insulation properties. The speaker grill is made from powder-coated aluminium and doesn’t rust.

The WMS series offers multiple options for a stylish yet rugged and IP54-rated loudspeaker solution with quick and easy instalment, excellent for shopping centres and other public places.

New DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakersNew DAP WMS series easy-install loudspeakers

12th January 2023

Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software

Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software
Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software

Avolites has unveiled a major new release of its renowned lighting and integrated media control Titan software. Version 16 has two new main features developed to assist programmers and operators by providing fast access to the data they need. 

Freeform Layout view, for example, provides the ability to arrange and select fixtures in a 2D layout either manually, or automatically from the integrated Capture visualiser, streamlining the workflow from design to programming. It provides a visual representation of the current state of the fixtures and is accessed from a new 'Layouts' window and 'Layout' handle type. With this new function, group handles can be included in layouts to further assist fixture selection. Multiple layouts can also be created providing the ability to have more than one arrangement of fixtures or to separate fixtures into specific layouts. The view supports multi-touch gesture controls for zoom and pan. 

A new window called 'Cue List Tracking View' provides a way to view and edit the values and tracking of individual fixtures/attributes in a cue list. A 'View Tracking' button has also been added to the Playback View context menu. Selecting this will open the Tracking View window with the associated playback cues. Selecting the 'Select Cue List' option from the Tracking View context menu will open a menu where you can select other cue lists (either via the softkeys or by a cue list handle). The window will remember the last selected cue list when opened and if it is opened without a cue list it will prompt the user to select one. 

Paul Smith, expert creative lighting designer/programmer, who has been instrumental in the development of both Freeform Layout and Cue List Tracking View new features comments: “By my own admission, it’s the fastest that I can remember of any shows I have programmed, that have gone from concept to creation to opening night, and that’s in no small part, from a visual creative perspective at least; down to the work that the Avolites software and support team put in. (Freeform) Layout Views and Tracking Views using Avolites consoles have made a vastly more workable solution than when we first discussed the project”. Paul Smith goes on to add: “In fact, I’ve been continuing to use (Titan) v16, beta previews on my concert touring work for the last few months and it’s been exceedingly helpful in putting together four new concert productions and really helped me unleash some quite creative programming.” 

“Avolites always aims to bring to users intuitive and easier to use tools to simplify programming, the release of Titan v16 continues to deliver on this promise,” comments Paul Wong, managing director, Avolites. “We’re pleased to incorporate a new set of time-saving and practical features taken from user feedback. We believe it is very important to listen to what customers want and to provide them with the tools they have asked for.”  

The upgrade also comes with a raft of new bug fixes (see the release notes for more details) and improvements to the software operating performance, as Avolites continues to take in feedback from customers to develop its software. Previously, for example, fading shapes would result in a non-linear fade. Now shapes fade in linearly. 

The speed of various software functions including update, selection and clear has been significantly improved. This is particularly relevant for large numbers of fixtures. Populating the Attribute Editor for instance is now much faster for multi-celled fixtures with large layouts when set to show cells. Assigning masters for the first time is also now much faster, as is adjusting group layout position by wheel. 

Other new or improved features in Titan v16 include key profile buttons which now dynamically change their size to ensure the name and actions are all fully visible. Synergy feature set now re-establishes NDI streams when the Synergy Multiview window is moved between console screens, taking only a few seconds.  As well as a new demo show file that show cases all the new features from recent releases.   

Titan v16.0 can be downloaded by registered users for free at Visit Avolites Titan Manual · Official Manual for the Avolites Titan software for more information, or read the full release notes on the website at Release Notes | Avolites.

Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software Avolites Announces the Release of New Titan v16.0 Software

12th January 2023

Elation’s all-in-one KL Profile FC ellipsoidal now shipping

Elation’s all-in-one KL Profile FC ellipsoidal now shipping

Elation Professional is simplifying ellipsoidal lighting with the new, all-in-one KL Profile FC. Designed for the ultimate in flexibility and performance, the KL Profile FC combines everything a designer needs in one innovative package, eliminating the need for additional lighting accessories and making it the most convenient and cost-effective ellipsoidal lighting solution on the market.

Following an extremely positive reception from designers and specifiers at the LDI show in Las Vegas, Elation has announced that the KL Profile FC is now shipping. The unit projects a superior quality of light and is designed for any application where a compact ellipsoidal or wash fixture with outstanding colour range and a flexible zoom range is required. It is an excellent choice for the wide variety of white or colour illumination needs required in theatre, broadcast or any performance environment.

The KL Profile FC offers full-spectrum performance from a 92 CRI engine that utilises a 305W five-colour homogenised LED array of red, green, blue, mint and amber sources. The RGBMA engine, calibrated at a native colour temperature of 6500 Kelvin, emits beautifully diffused saturates and soft-field pastels, including tunable white light. The carefully tuned LEDs ensure accurate colour reproduction while delivering a powerful output of 10,600 lumens.

High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the KL Profile FC, ensuring that designs translate well to camera. The unit can adjust for light that shifts away from pure white towards green or magenta through a green/magenta shift adjustment and a virtual gel library. Virtual colour correction from 2400K - 8500K plus CMY and RGB emulation give designers access to an impressive LED colour array including beautiful mixed whites. Capable of matching the white balance for camera, users can easily shift the colour temperature without the use of plus/minus green gels and filters. Additionally, the LED refresh rate is DMX adjustable so there is no flickering when used with high-speed cameras.

The fixture’s enhanced optical design and lens coatings ensure precise and razor-sharp projections, removing all unwanted colour shifting and aberrations in all zoom, focus or framing positions. Dimming of the LED engine is smooth and stepless with variable 16-bit dimming curve modes available to suit any application.

With an integrated manual zoom range of 7° to 50°, the KL Profile FC requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost and complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any performance venue or show. The fixture allows for manual rotation of the barrel and the integrated manual iris allows for further beam control. A full blackout manual framing system lets users refine the beam shape as needed and frame around objects to be highlighted.

The fixture includes a 16-bit rotating/indexing gobo slot for versatile imaging and ships with the KL Profile Designer gobo set, containing ten high-resolution glass gobos. The integrated gobo slot is easily accessible from the top of the fixture. The unit includes a 7.5" gel frame and 7.5" front accessory holder, and an optional Fresnel Wash Lens Conversion Kit allows users to utilise the fixture as a framing wash.

The KL Profile FC has also been designed with respect for the whisper-quiet requirements of the professional stage and studio. Exceptionally quiet, it offers enhanced fan controls down to Elation’s Mute Mode, which disables the internal cooling fan.

A host of other features come standard like multi-channel DMX control with RDM protocol support, 5-pin DMX in/out and IP65 locking power in/out connectors. Operation is simple via a four-button touch control panel with easy-to-read 180° reversible LCD menu display that makes navigation through settings uncomplicated. The fixture can also be controlled manually for stand-alone operation using the included encoders. Add in the other benefits of LED lighting like greater reliability, a long life LED rating, and overall less maintenance, and the KL Profile FC will satisfy even the most discriminating professional.

Superior performance combines with ease of use to make the KL Profile FC a top choice of professionals everywhere, and with an energy efficient and durable design it is an economical and reliable choice for any venue.

4th January 2023


Alcons BC272 Cardioid Sub: Reduced Size, Increased Control

Alcons BC272 Cardioid Sub: Reduced Size, Increased Control

The BC272 is a self-contained, medium-output cardioid subwoofer system for both permanent and portable ground-stacked applications. It is designed to offer a tight and accurate sub-bass response, for low-frequency extension of any Alcons pro-ribbon system.

By means of a front and rear located woofer configuration, in combination with dedicated processing, the system offers selectable cardioid low-frequency pattern control and excellent rear rejection, up to 42dB, without the need for additional cabinets.

On the front side, one 15” long-excursion woofer with four-inch voice-coil is mounted in a front-loaded configuration.

On the rear side, a single 12” long-excursion woofer with four-inch voice-coil is also mounted in a front-loaded configuration.

The large bass reflex ports on the front and the rear side enable excellent breathing capacity, maintaining overall output while minimising port-compression.

The 4-ohms system impedance, makes for a very efficient amplifier loading, thus enabling maximum output from a single, very compact configuration.

The BC272 is powered and controlled by the ALC amplified loudspeaker controller. Driven by the ALC, the BC272 delivers maximum sound quality and output power with long-term operation reliability. Through the integrated processor, the ALC offers BC272-specific drive processing with response optimisation, dedicated power and excursion protection and hybrid filtering.

The preset library contains cardioid settings for maximum rear-/side-ward attenuation.

Through the SIS (Signal Integrity Sensing) circuit, the cable-length and connector resistance between the BC272 and ALC is dynamically compensated (system damping factor >10.000), for further increased accuracy and controlled cone-travel, resulting in a tighter sub and bass response regardless of impedance or cable-length.

The relatively low-weight, but rigid enclosure is available in road-version and installation (“i”) version, without handles, wheel dolly board and M20 threaded stand mount flange. For installation applications, a single-cabinet flying option is also available.

It is finished in Durotect scratch-resistant coating; through the Architect Colour Option programme, the BC272 can be finished in any RAL colour.

Philip ‘Dr. Phil’ de Haan, head of Alcons Audio R&D said: “The BC272 is the most compact self-contained cardioid we offer to date. It features the same cardioid control as its larger siblings, albeit in a more compact form-factor.

“Our mission in the development of the BC range of cardioid subwoofers, was to obtain the highest rearward rejection possible to get a real problem solving solution instead of a ‘nice-to-have feature’.”

In order to achieve this, bi-amp powering configuration was used in the amplified loudspeaker controller, so dual-DSP channels would be available for the required dedicated processing.

Philip continues: “Where a passive cardioid set-up will give around 18dB rejection, the BC subwoofers achieve an up-to- 42dB rearward rejection, which we believe is an industry-leading specification in this category.”

Another focal point was to have maximum system efficiency from even smaller amplifier outputs, as part of a real compact system.

Philip continues: “For this, we didn’t just take a single 8-ohms woofer from a dual-driver subwoofer design, but developed a true 4-ohms driver, specifically to obtain optimal amplifier loading, reducing the required amplifier size for full system response and maximum power output.

Together with the SIS circuit, the BC272 delivers a colourless low frequency response with outstanding directivity control, to perfectly match the ultra-low distortion, crystal-clear response of the Alcons pro-ribbon sound systems.”

16th December 2022

DAP Silent Disco

DAP Silent Disco
DAP Silent Disco

DAP’s new Silent Disco headphones and transmitter are far more versatile than their name suggests. In addition to letting people dance to their preferred music, they’re suitable for a whole host of applications: tours, audio guides, conferences, classes, multi-language communications and more are among the possibilities.

The Silent Disco headphones can operate on three different channels and listeners can select this via a switch on the earpiece. A built-in LED shows the colour of the channel selected. Capable of producing a loud, powerful sound, a built-in volume control allows listeners to adjust the level for themselves too. The Silent Disco headphones also have soft ear pads that make them comfortable to wear for long periods of time and suppress external noise. Fully charged, the headphones can last up to eight hours, depending on the volume.
The Silent Disco headphones receive a signal from the DAP Silent Disco transmitter, which operates in the 863-865MHz range. Theoretically, there is no limit on the number of headphones that can be connected to the transmitter. A separate transmitter is required for each channel. The headphones and transmitter are capable of communicating with each other over a distance of up to 450 metres in optimal conditions.

Available accessories come in the form of a DAP Charger for the Silent Disco headphones that can charge up to 20 pairs at once and a keypad for LED control that allows the colours on the headphones to be set per channel.

In addition to their versatility, one of the best things about the DAP Silent Disco setup is that large parties can now be held in areas that don't have a PA system or even where noise levels are restricted.

16th December 2022

LightShark Launches New Software For its Range of Multi-protocol Lighting Consoles

LightShark Launches New Software For its Range of Multi-protocol Lighting Consoles
LightShark Launches New Software For its Range of Multi-protocol Lighting Consoles

Spanish manufacturer, Equipson has upgraded the software for its hugely popular LightShark range of DMX-based hardware lighting consoles to give users a more streamlined and efficient workflow.

Many new elements have been incorporated, including useful upgrades to features such as Autosave, Go To Cue/Preload Cue, Channel/Fixture Parking, sending OSC and UDP commands and being able to assign custom icons to palettes.

"We have focused on the areas that really matter to lighting engineers," says Alejo Cevera, product manager at LightShark. "The features we have improved will help users have more control over their events and give them the opportunity to be much more sophisticated and creative with their light shows."

LightShark multi-protocol products have already revolutionised the entertainment industry by delivering powerful tools unlimited by their features. The range includes the LS-1 hardware console with assignable faders and rotary controls, the more affordable LS-Core, the LS-Wing Open Sound Control (OSC) hardware controller and three multi-protocol DMX streaming devices – each supporting a different numbers of DMX universes – that are collectively referred to as LS-NODE.

With LightShark, lighting engineers working in all types of venues from small theatres to large stadia can control up to eight DMX universes and 4000+ DMX channels, all completely integrated via smartphones and tablets. In addition, the range is fully compatible with other manufacturer's equipment because the products work with industry-standard DMX and Artnet lighting protocols, as well as any Operating System (Android Linux, Windows and macOS).

The new software significantly improves the AutoSave experience by making it possible to exclude fixtures from a show without having to unpatch them, freeze a fixture or specific channel with an existing value in the programmer, automatically scroll the CueList to show Active Cue and exclude a playback from being controlled by the Grand Master.

Go To Cue functionality has also been improved so that lighting engineers can Go To Cue in the next Go, renumber a cue as 0.x, change the fixture ID in the patch window and set the value of both Playbacks and the programme window in percentage or decimal.

LightShark can now send out OSC and UDP messages at the same time as playing different cues, thus giving users numerous opportunities to interface with other pieces of equipment and control them directly from LightShark. The differentiation of LighShark consoles in its OSC and UDP functionality is that it includes the devices personalities already developed for the LS-Wing controller. This makes LightShark the first lighting controller that has OSC and UDP control personalities for other devices such as audio controllers, media servers, etc.

The new software has added many new OSC messages including TAP button command of a Playback and adjustment of its tempo; commands to reset various aspects of the speed master and the Chase speed master, and messages to give users fine control of the Go To Cue button including the ability to PreLoad it. It is also now possible to send OSC commands from a Cue and to deploy a keyboard to control LightShark using a variety of shortcuts.

"Another useful upgrade is the inclusion of Internal Macros, which can be used to activate other parts of the console or do various tasks when a different cue is played," Cevera adds. "We have also incorporated a new system that allows users to label their icon palettes visually using a library of built-in icons or icons they have imported into the file library as a PNG. Numerous icon options are available, and they are all designed to help users work faster and in a more streamlined way."

LightShark is already supported by more than 100 video tutorials and the company has now added three covering the finer points of the latest software upgrades.

Juan Jose Vila, COO and CMO of Equipson, says: "We have created this resource to help customers explore the full functionality of the range. Starting with basic introductory tutorials and going right through to the most advanced settings, these videos are highly informative and very simple to follow."

14th December 2022

New ChamSys MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 – Software Expands Possibilities

New ChamSys MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 – Software Expands Possibilities

Adaptability is a virtue in any endeavour, especially one as ever-changing and creative as programming and running a lightshow. ChamSys has just made it easier for lighting professionals to enjoy the benefits of this virtue by introducing MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software.

Available on the ChamSys website, the software, which accepts open protocol GDTF personality files, can be downloaded at no cost to all MagicQ consoles and PC platforms. 

MagicQ Stable v1.9.3.5 software features an enhancement that allows One Shot and Random Directions on any FX, automatic calibration of Position and Rotation of heads within the MagicQ 3D spaces based on focus points and new Timeline Markers and Beat Grids for the Audio Timeline.

With its broad range of features, the new software gives lighting programmers and directors greater flexibility to manage the changing, and sometimes unexpected, demands of tours. For example, an enhancement to Group Based Cues with default palettes, which store values that are not specific to head files and is useful for Group Cues where heads may be removed from a show and new heads added, resulting in a new and more efficient way to expand and adapt shows from venue to venue.

There are also enhancements to FX that allow One Shot and Random Directions to be applied to any effect. Other new features include automatic calibration of Position and Rotation of heads within the MagicQ 3D Space, and enhancements that allow Markers and Beat Grids to be added to the Audio Timeline.

Another, very timely, feature in the new software that should be very appreciated in this era of larger, more complex, multi-layered shows, is its increased collaborative power.

In an industry where new creative possibilities are expanding all the time, it’s nice to know that lighting professionals can expand their capabilities right along with them, thanks to a new software solution that reflects virtue of adaptability. 

13th December 2022

Powersoft ArmoníaPlus 2.5 adds further AES67 Support

Powersoft ArmoníaPlus 2.5 adds further AES67 Support

Version 2.5 of Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus software, which adds support for its new Mezzo A+ and Duecanali/Quattrocanali DSP+ amplifiers, is available to download now from the Powersoft website.

The new A+ models are the latest additions to the Mezzo range, which offers the same levels of reliability, build quality and acoustic proprieties of any Powersoft amplifier platform but in a half-size form factor. A+ models, comprising Mezzo 322 A+, Mezzo 304 A+, Mezzo 602 A+ and Mezzo 604 A+, offer all the remote control and monitoring functions of the A versions, but further extend their networking capabilities with AES67.

Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+, meanwhile, are the recently released AES67-compatible versions of the popular fixed-install amplifier platforms.

All AES67-compatible Powersoft amplifiers, which additionally includes the T Series touring amplifier, are able to receive audio-over-IP (AoIP) streams compliant with the AES67 standard, which allows high-performance streaming AoIP interoperability across different networking systems. Powersoft DSP+ and A+ models can receive AES67 streams natively by connecting the dedicated AoIP networking port to an AES67 network.

With ArmoníaPlus 2.5 – the latest version of the powerful system design, control and monitoring software – users can design systems with the new Mezzo A+ models and convert and share any kind of signal, including Dante, via AES67.

In addition, the new version allows ArmoníaPlus users to configure Dynamic Music Distribution sources to receive an AES67 stream. Dynamic Music Distribution (DMD) gives Powersoft customers the ability to dynamically route music and other signal sources between different zones, across multiple amplifiers, all independently of source location and without the need for a centralised DSP.

As part of the 2.5 update, DMD systems also benefit from new Priority Input feature, which allows users to configure a GPI port to play a specific input to one or more zones by applying a differential voltage or closing a contact. The function is useful for passing an advertisement or voice alert that must be played by the whole system without having to manually change the source.

Other features included in ArmoníaPlus 2.5 include an update to the embedded speaker preset library which allows users to receive new or updated loudspeaker presets automatically upon release by Powersoft, and a new version of the Sys Control app (iOS and Android) with bug fixes and performance improvements.

ArmoníaPlus 2.5 is available to download from

8th December 2022

Ayrton launches Zonda 3

Ayrton launches Zonda 3
Ayrton launches Zonda 3

Following on from the phenomenal success of Zonda 9 in April, Ayrton is excited to launch Zonda 3 Wash and Zonda 3 FX, the latest addition to the Zonda family and part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources 3 Series.

Designed specifically for stage lighting, Zonda 3 is an incredibly compact, versatile luminaire with unlimited potential. Packed with amazing effects it can switch from beam to wash with great ease. Its speed of movement and reduced dimensions increase its dynamic potential, while its compact size makes Zonda 3 easy to use in compositions with curtains or matrices.

Fitted with seven high-performance 40W LED sources with RGB+W, Zonda 3’s proprietary optical system is made up of a unique 170mm mono-block cluster in PMMA, which enhances beam coherence, and seven glass light guides with an output surface composed of an optical micro-structure. A 50mm truncated transmitting lens with optical surface equivalent to that of a 70mm round lens enables Zonda 3 to deliver a high intensity beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range of 4° to 56°. This LED/optical system combination is capable of producing a light output of 5,200 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mixture of pastel and saturated colours, regardless of the colour combination chosen.

Like its bigger brother, Zonda 3 Wash is designed to cover an entire live entertainment stage. Its additive colour synthesis can reproduce precise, intense and deep colours, while the careful colour mixing of the sources allows for perfect colour reproduction. The use of a special black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources helps to significantly boost the level of contrast. A complete library of pre-programmed colours, created in collaboration with lighting designers, is instantly accessible. A unique ventilation system, exclusively designed for this luminaire, ensures Zonda 3 Wash is as discreet as it is silent.

Zonda 3 FX is a creative, versatile and feature-rich luminaire that borrows from the main attributes of the Wash version. It offers continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement I.R.S. while individual control of each LED allows the creation of 3D volumetric effects. Perfect separation between the light sources helps to significantly boost the level of contrast and visual perception of multiple beams.

This exceptional luminaire is equipped with a high-definition Liquid Effect located between its main lenses, which can generate complex graphic effects. It can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix. The library of effects in Zonda 3 FX provides a limitless source of inspiration.

Both Zonda 3 Wash and Zonda 3 FX have a new optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance systems, and an ever smarter design of the internal structure which have made it possible to reduce the size and weight of the luminaires considerably in keeping with Ayrton’s Slim-21 system.

Zonda 3 Wash and Zonda 3 FX have the power to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.

7th December 2022