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International Theatre Audience Fascinated by the Heritage of Tyne Theatre & Opera House


GLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA Show


C&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lighting


Can you beat Smartgain? Audient Challenges the Professionals


The Nick Bache ABTT Cymru – Technician of the Year Award


Anolis Enjoys Busy PLASA 2023


ChamSys Immerses Large Crowds at PLASA


PlugFest – the European technical lighting event – returns to France in 2024


Another Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for Robe


Astera PlutoFresnel Wins PLASA Innovation Award


High praise for PLASA Show 2023


Obsidian’s ground-breaking NETRON IP65 data distribution wins PLASA Award for Innovation


Winners announced for PLASA Awards for Innovation 2023


EM Acoustics returns to PLASA Show


Backup Tech makes welcome return to #WeMakeEvents Support Hub and hosts Neurodiversity Session at PLASA 2023


PLASA Show returns to showcase the future of live


Ayrton launches IP65 Argo 6 at PLASA 2023


ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023


Artistic Licence at PLASA London Olympia, 3-5 September 2023


DiGiCo brings new Quantum852 powerhouse to PLASA Show 2023


Modular NX1, new NETRON devices highlight PLASA offerings for Obsidian Control Systems


Chauvet Professional to Put PLASA London Visitors in Positive Frame of Mind


New Elation Proteus, Fuze and KL to show at PLASA 2023


Robert Juliat at PLASA 2023 with Sound Technology


Robe at PLASA


International Theatre Audience Fascinated by the Heritage of Tyne Theatre & Opera House

International Theatre Audience Fascinated by the Heritage of Tyne Theatre & Opera House

UK – Earlier this month Tyne Theatre and Opera House (TT&OH) hosted a three-day conference for over 125 international delegates and speakers from the UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

While delegates came to share academic papers covering subjects from theatre fires to aerial ballet and from the development of tap dance to scenic painting, it was the demonstration of the theatre’s unique understage Victorian stage machinery that was the highly anticipated highlight of the conference.

The theatre’s Victorian stage machinery has had further restoration over the past year thanks to funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. Led by project director David Wilmore, delegates were able to watch both from on stage and then from underneath as the newly renovated cuts were opened and the bridges that support scenery rose from under the stage, demonstrated for the first time since 1987.

The community volunteers working the ropes and winches below the stage have spent the last ten months learning how to maintain and operate the unique Victorian machinery under the guidance of master carpenter Colin Hopkins. Delegates were also treated to a look at the 31-foot timber spindle in place high above the upper fly floor with its renovated spiked wheels and shafts that would have operated the gas battens and backcloths.

Theatrical illusionist Paul Kieve (The Lord of the Rings, Matilda, Ghost the Musical, Harry Potter) joined the conference on Wednesday evening straight from his sell-out show Awakening in Las Vegas, to share secrets of Pepper’s Ghost, a Victorian illusion that used reflections to make ghostly apparitions appear on stage.

A highlight on the second day was a presentation of Melies Faust aux Enfers, a silent film from 1903 that showcases the use of stage machinery, accompanied by Philip Carli, one of the world’s leading silent film accompanists.

The conference also marked the launch of the theatre’s performance database. This searchable archive includes information on all performances from 1867 to 1919 and has been led by Dr Andrew Shail (Newcastle University), supported by a team of community volunteers, two of whom spoke at the conference about their involvement in the project. The archive can be found and searched on the theatre’s website www.tynetheatreandoperahouse.uk

With Newcastle being the only provincial city to include two Grade 1 listed theatres, delegates were able to enjoy theatre tours of both the Tyne Theatre and the Theatre Royal during the conference.

The conference marked the culmination of a 12-month heritage project funded by National Lottery Heritage Fund and completes the first phase of the theatre’s Grand Saloon restoration project.

photos: Carl Joyce

International Theatre Audience Fascinated by the Heritage of Tyne Theatre & Opera HouseInternational Theatre Audience Fascinated by the Heritage of Tyne Theatre & Opera House

27th September 2023

GLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA Show

GLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA Show
GLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA Show

UK – GLP reported its best PLASA Show footfall for a number of years. According to the head of GLP UK, Simon Barrett, this was partly because of its unmissable stand – immediately inside the entrance – but also because it placed a clear focus on promoting the new impression X5 product family integration and the quality and integrity of light emanating from its new colour engine. But equal focus was placed on GLP’s highly professional and ever-expanding, technical and customer support team.

The sophistication was manifest in Andrew ‘Twiggy’ King’s choreographed light show, which demonstrated the entire impression X5 Family. This included the impression X5 Wash, impression X5 Compact, X5 IP Bar, X5 IP Maxx and impression X5 Bar 1000, the last two being shown in the UK for the first time. This was played out to Ludovico Einaudi’s haunting and beautiful ‘Divenire’ on a purpose-designed stand for which GLP’s German set builders were used for the first time.

The serious business, of course, was dressed in the aspic of fun. This year GLP separated its hospitality area, where many visitors indulged in the ‘Stein of Fortune’, a play on the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ and an opportunity to keep the lime green theme going. Another popular and ever-present co-opted member of the team for the past five years has been Henry the Barista. Flamboyant and a real ambassador of the arabica bean, it’s highly improbable that any other stand could have served better.

“We always book the coffee on the proviso that Henry comes with it,” smiles Simon Barrett, acknowledging a high-class wet hire in every sense of the word.

As to the light show, he explains: “Twiggy was tasked with showing the beauty of the impression X5 and integration of the family members and so to illustrate this we took a beautiful piece of music far removed from the usual EDM.”

And as for his support team, Barrett says: “In Greg Westwood, Nigel Bennett and Craig Gravett we believe we have the leading tech team in the industry; no one else has that skill base. We also welcomed our new key account man, Paul Fielder, who worked incredibly hard throughout the show, alongside the ever-present Kerry [Tymms].” GLP UK also had international support in the shape of Kasper Gissel and Michael Feldmann from the parent company in Germany and Mark Ravenhill, president of GLP US.

And it was the international aspect that most pleased Simon Barrett. “Although PLASA is no longer truly an international show, there was nevertheless a great turnout from overseas,” he concludes. “In fact, overall it was the strongest PLASA we’ve had in a long time, with more visitors than previous years.”


GLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA ShowGLP’s sophisticated impression X5 Family integration reaps rich rewards at PLASA Show

25th September 2023


C&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lighting

C&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lighting
C&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lighting

Korea – In the summer of 2023, Seoul was abuzz with excitement as C&C Lightway, a prominent ETC dealer in the Korean market, hosted an open house event that brought together friends, customers and industry professionals. This four-day extravaganza attracted over 300 attendees eager to witness the latest advancements in lighting technology. The event celebrated innovation, creativity and music.

The highlight of the open house was an awesome light show that left participants spellbound. C&C Lightway, YS Choi and AI technology programmed the event theme song. The open house showcased the remarkable capabilities of Eos Apex 10, Eos Apex 5, ColorSource Spot V, Source Four LED Series 3, Source 4WRD, Desire Fresnel, Halcyon, Lonestar and the SolaPix family. The show was expertly controlled using the highly anticipated Eos Apex 10 with Eos v3.2 software, and participants had the opportunity to experience the Apex console and explore its powerful features that promise to revolutionise fixture programming. Also, ETC field project co-ordinator Audrey Leung introduced the updates of Eos v3.2 and how it improves networking to fixture configuration. The latest Eos software offers game-changing tools that allow the user quickly adjust colour, device and system settings and power up 3D programming.

In addition to the mesmerizing light show, C&C Lightway and ETC played an interactive music light show to introduce the Eos Apex consoles. The lighting show provided participants with an in-depth experience of the console's functionalities and capabilities. This was a valuable opportunity for attendees to gain insights into the Apex console and learn tips and tricks from industry experts.

The open house was a platform for showcasing the latest lighting technology. Attendees were captivated by Halcyon, the next generation of automated framing luminaires from ETC. They were surprised by Halcyon's tighter, next-gen gradient dichroics and linear mixing curve supported by ETC's renowned colour science that creates smooth, even colours in and out of focus.

The event survey response was overwhelmingly positive. The Eos Apex and Halcyon were highly appreciated, with more than 50% of participants praising their high quality and willing to recommend them to customers and peers.

This open house was an incredible success, bringing together industry professionals, customers and friends to celebrate innovation and collaboration. The event showcased the cutting-edge technology of the Apex and other lighting solutions and provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of theatre lighting. As the industry embraces new advancements, events like this open house are crucial in showcasing innovation and inspiring the next generation of lighting professionals.



C&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lightingC&C Open House: A showcase of interactive lighting

25th September 2023


Can you beat Smartgain? Audient Challenges the Professionals

Can you beat Smartgain? Audient Challenges the Professionals
Can you beat Smartgain? Audient Challenges the Professionals

UK – Audient invited engineers and producers from the online audio community Control Room to come to Tileyard Kings Cross this summer, on the pretext of showcasing the EVO Expanded System being used to record a live band.

On arrival however, Audient’s Harry Lewis surprised the participants with a challenge: would each of the audio professionals like to pit themselves against EVO Smartgain? “Smartgain has been a really interesting feature as the EVO range has expanded into higher channel counts, allowing you to set the gain for your inputs automatically for increasingly more inputs at once. We wanted to see just how effective it could be, by putting it up against some seasoned professionals and seeing who came out on top."

The band Redwood was already miked up and connected to the EVO Expanded System, which comprises the EVO 16 audio interface and the eight-channel mic preamp EVO SP8. The 16 available inputs were more than enough for the five-piece band to perform and record their latest track, Oh Love.

Audient filmed the proceedings as they unfolded. Reactions ranged from quietly confident to mild panic, as each engineer realised they had to set the levels for the entire band against the clock. Audient then observed the engineers use a variety of techniques to manually dial in the gain for Redwood’s 15 inputs, with only their ears, experience and intuition to rely on.

After revealing the engineers’ times, we get to see Smartgain work its magic, and automatically set the levels for all inputs simultaneously. Who is the fastest? Can the pros beat the time it takes Smartgain to set the levels for an entire band?  And will it sound as good?

Audient’s Harry was also behind one of the cameras on the day. “It was great to watch seasoned engineers – who may be wary of new tech like Smartgain – see for themselves how powerful and time-saving the feature can be. We've seen it used time and again, but to really put it through its paces in a full band setting and have it work so well was brilliant. The reactions from all the engineers say it all really!”

Hats off to the talented and dedicated members ofControl Room: Romesh Dodangoda, Jake Hillcoat, Loria Boban, Danny Kehlenbeck, Andrea Lepori, Guy Elliott-Davies, Marco Viscito and Luke Ramsay for taking on Smartgain.

Control Room creator, Romesh Dodangoda is giving away an SP8 to a lucky Control Room member this week. If you would like to be part of an active discussion group for all things production and mixing related, have exclusive access to downloadable multi-tracks and discounts on gear AND be in with a chance to win some tasty kit, head over to Control Room and sign up!

19th September 2023

The Nick Bache ABTT Cymru – Technician of the Year Award

UK – This ABTT Cymru award is in honour of Nick Bache and recognises the achievement of an individual who consistently delivers technical excellence.

The award is open to ABTT members and non-members alike working predominantly in Wales. The recipient will usually have pursued full employment in a backstage or production management role and they will have predominantly worked on the presentation of live performances in places of entertainment or on theatrical experiences in non-conventional spaces.

This award will be presented annually. The first award will be presented on the 20th of October at Aberystwyth Arts centre. 

The recipient will normally meet all the following criteria:

  • They will be pursuing employment in one or more of the backstage, technical and/or production management crafts and disciplines.
  • They will be predominantly working on the presentation of live performance in places of entertainment: i.e., on theatre, dance or opera productions in theatres and opera houses or on theatrical experiences in non-conventional spaces.
  • They will have used their working experience to further their mastery of their chosen discipline(s) or craft(s).
  • They will have consistently demonstrated excellence in the work they have undertaken.

Application forms can be downloaded at: https://www.abtt.org.uk/abtt-announce-new-the-nick-bache-abtt-cymru-technician-of-the-year-award/ 

18th September 2023

Anolis Enjoys Busy PLASA 2023

Anolis Enjoys Busy PLASA 2023
Anolis Enjoys Busy PLASA 2023

UK – LED architectural and architainment lighting manufacturer Anolis Lighting (a Robe business) enjoyed a busy, productive, and successful PLASA 2023 expo at London’s Olympia, where its stand was prominent in the ‘village’ of parent company, Robe Lighting.

Anolis highlighted its new Calumma, Ambiane and Eminere product ranges during the three-day expo, which is generally considered the foremost trade show for entertainment technology in the UK.

Anolis’ Calumma M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics specifically designed for street, road and pathway use, where unwanted glare reduction and efficiency are paramount. This luminaire is engineered for pole mounted applications that optimise pole spacings and enhance sustainability and while this was not aimed at PLASA’s primary visitor demographic, it looked cool, attracted lots of comment and demonstrated the ongoing development and commitment by Anolis to offer comprehensive full ranges.

“Currently, options for pole mounted colour changing street-style lighting are limited, so from that aspect alone, it generated interest,” noted Anolis London and south-east business development manager Ashley Popple, adding that it is also customisable with different white sources like 3000K and 2200K for countryside areas. With amber and red also available, it is another ultimately flexible choice from Anolis.

Anolis’ slick and streamlined Ambiane SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight plus a new pendant version, both offering the same key features: homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly green +/- control. Currently, these are available in pure white, tuneable white, RGBW and tungsten dim formats.

Ashley reported much interest in these. “The compact size means it’s appropriate for numerous installations,” he stated, adding that they saw a stream of visitors working in the cruise ship, theatre, public building and general leisure industries including lighting designers, venue and buildings managers and end users.

The whole Anolis team was generally impressed with the mix and quality of PLASA visitors this year. The show enabled catching up with some existing customers as well as making all important new contacts.

The Ambiane SP16 pendant remote – currently the smallest of this range – was also on the stand demo, offering a powerful, efficient and high-quality solution for smaller pendant applications in more intimate spaces.

There was some serious interest in the Eminere MC (multichip). With Anolis now producing both single and multi-chip versions, this means that both Eminere and Calumma products can be matched perfectly in colour, style and output, and be specified together for seamless integration and covering multiple requirements in a single project.

Anolis’ UK business development manager Simon Gooding’s remarks echoed Ashley’s in reference to the steady flow of visitors to the stand and a perceptible increase in numbers from the 2022 event. “We believe it was a great forum for showcasing Anolis products alongside the growing Robe family of companies and brands,” he stated.

Ashley observed an increasing overlap between the business and projects of the main companies in the Robe group, and going forward can see “more ‘family’ collaboration and working together”.

The clean, contemporary new Anolis booth design featured a dynamic showreel scrolling across a high-quality screen stretching along the entire back wall area which was eye-catching and informative.

Anolis is known for its high-quality light output, robust engineering and elegant finish LED solutions.

Theresa Gibson, head of marketing at Robe UK, commented: “PLASA London is an excellent platform to showcase the latest architectural products. There is a great synergy in requirements between architectural and install projects and a crossover with many of the visitors that PLASA London attracts. 

“This year, we were delighted to showcase fixtures from our Calumma, Ambiane and Eminere range which generated some great feedback and enquiries from across the sector including lighting designers, integrators and a variety of venues, whilst establishing many new contacts over a busy and fruitful three days at the show!”

photos: Louise Stickland

14th September 2023

ChamSys Immerses Large Crowds at PLASA

ChamSys Immerses Large Crowds at PLASA

UK – A frame not only contains a subject; at times, it can also serve as a window into bold new visions and unlimited opportunities. Such was the recently at the ChamSys PLASA London stand. Built around the theme of “Frame Your Control, Bringing Immersion Into Frame,” the company’s exhibit engaged enthusiastic crowds of attendees with innovative products and ideas designed to help them take their creative visions to new heights.

Visitors got an up close and personal look at products like the MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, a standout console that seemed to be everywhere at Glastonbury earlier this year and is currently making waves touring with the likes of Ed Warren for Mumford & Sons and Will Thomas on Bonobo’s Fragments Tour.

Also garnering attention was the ChamSys MagicQ Compact series, including the new MagicQ Compact Connect, a lightweight USB control surface that connects to a PC or Mac to deliver robust and flexible control of lighting, media, and LEDs. Visitors were universally impressed with this product, which is small enough to travel inside hand luggage, yet can send up to 64 universes of ArtNet and sACN directly from its onboard network port without the need for additional licences or dongles. This compact powerhouse is packed with features, including via eight rotary encoders and live show control through ten playback faders featuring Flash, as well as Go and Select buttons.

ChamSys’ impact at the show was not limited to exciting new products, the company sponsored a series of well-attended education sessions that covered a wide range of topics including Timecode & Audio Timeline, Group Based Programming and Execute Window and Basic Pixel Mapping.

A highlight of the show were the Sunday and Monday LD learning experiences with David Howard of David Howard Lighting Design. Attendees left these sessions with plenty of useful ideas and valuable tips on things like busking and taking full advantage of Group Cues to streamline running a show on tour and through festival or house rigs.

PLASA billed this year’s show with the slogan “The Next Era of Live Events is Here.” Anyone who visited the ChamSys booth and viewed new possibilities through the “frame” of the company’s products and learning sessions left Olympia London knowing that the future has indeed arrived.


ChamSys Immerses Large Crowds at PLASAChamSys Immerses Large Crowds at PLASA

13th September 2023

PlugFest – the European technical lighting event – returns to France in 2024

PlugFest – the European technical lighting event – returns to France in 2024

France - The PLASA-hosted technical lighting event, PlugFest, returns to Lille, France from 16-19 April 2024, bringing together lighting professionals from across Europe to test products and learn about protocols and standards.

Together with the expert hosts, Hamish Dumbreck (JESE Ltd), Wayne Howell (Singularity UK) and Peter Willis (Howard Eaton Lighting), PlugFest provides a unique opportunity for lighting manufacturers, developers and technicians to test and debug their designs, as well as improve the connectivity of their products.

Besides interactive testing, PlugFest offers a programme of educational seminars, unpacking the most widely used protocols. And the organisers are pleased to announce that the 2024 event timetable has been extended for more in-depth testing time, without compromising the valuable conference offerings.

Furthermore, attendees can join technical discussions on DMX512, RDM, sACN, Art-Net, RDMnet, LLRP, as well as other topics of interest such as Ethernet, DALI and Fixture Libraries, allowing product designers to ensure their products meet relevant standards and offer maximum interoperability.

PlugFest 2023 sold out well in advance, proving the ongoing value of the gathering for the technical lighting community. Register your interest to be the first to know when tickets go on sale via https://www.plasa.org/plugfest/

13th September 2023

Another Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for Robe

Another Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for Robe
Another Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for Robe

UK – Robe received two more PLASA Innovation Awards – for its Footsie and iFORTE LTX products – at the 2023 PLASA entertainment technology expo staged in London last week, capping off another busy and brilliant three days for the Czech moving light and LED manufacturer.

Robe also celebrated its acquisition of leading lighting console manufacturer, Avolites, now officially a Robe business and premiered its brand-new expo live show “Power of Imagination” that will run through 2023-24, designed to show off Robe’s newest technologies in situ in a high energy live performance spectacle.

Two other major new products were officially launched at the expo in addition to the iFORTE LTX – the FORTE Fresnel and FORTE PC – while a range of other popular and current luminaires featured in the show were demoed in two closed studio spaces filled with people and interest throughout.

Also previewed were a couple of very cool looking brand-new products, the HolyPATT and the MolyPATT, both new additions to Robe’s desirable scenic PATT range of luminaires and these attracted substantial interest. People loved the classic design and the warm incandescent glow of the squirrel bulbs.

The Robe stand was as busy as always, the visitor quality was high with industry practitioners from a wide range of different sectors checking out the great vibes of the show which had expanded from last year with the full floorspace occupied by exhibitors.

The Robe UK sales team commented generally that people spent meaningful time on the stand, which resulted in many orders taken and confirmed, always a positive sign!

Six Robe NRG (Next Robe Generation) students from five associated colleges worked alongside the Robe international team, with one assisting the Avolites team, all gaining valuable experience, contacts, and insights into the world of production technology. Three of the students operated RoboSpot systems during the live shows.

All eyes were on Robe for the launch of this new nine-minute live show featuring three dancers including an aerialist. Ballsy, bold and full of big, bright looks and statements, the narrative was inspired by the rich and diverse performance cultures of illusion, dance, cabaret and theatre.

Using around 200 lighting fixtures, the four-part extravaganza was conceived, storyboarded, designed and produced by Robe’s ever-inventive in-house creative team led by Nathan Wan and Andy Webb with Jordan Tinniswood and Tomáš Kohout. This was presented complete with flames, confetti, smoke and much anticipation ramping up the drama.

“The goal is always to illustrate the versatility of the products and how it is possible to hop from one genre to another using them and also how they can all work together,” explained Nathan, who also created all the video content.

Andy, who generated the special soundtrack, added: “We’ve just launched the most powerful fixture in the LTX, so the show needed to have a massive impact, to be highly visual and have that bang to ensure that people went away with memorable impressions of what the fixtures can potentially achieve.”

Nathan and Andy worked with choreographer Jaye Marshall to produce the slick, kinetic fusion of movement and fun that thrilled audiences who gathered in advance each day to enjoy the magic.

Nathan notes that the products assisted in pushing the visual bar higher, particularly in Olympia’s Grand Hall which has a massive glass roof! Even with the stand encased on three sides by thick red velour drapes, effectively it was a daylight show and especially with the glorious Indian summer weather which reached record highs.

Fourteen iFORTE LTXs were at the heart of the light show together with the other two new fixtures: FORTE Fresnels and PCs, mostly rigged on the over-booth trusses.

The truss design was deliberately styled to bring an architectural look, including some curves and drop bars allowing positioning that added depth and three-dimensionality to the picture as well as creating the illusion of a larger space.

A row of iFORTE LTXs on the upstage edge of the stage blasted through for retinal disruption, while 360-degree rotating TetraXs clad the upper balcony section on vertical bars and provided back-of-shot texturing for the hundreds recording the show.

Also dotted around were LEDBeam 350s and PAINTES – fixtures perfect for small-to-medium applications – with PAINTES across the lower sections of the stage together with the Award-winning Footsie, a fully IP rated lighting concept that replaces traditional ‘footlights’ with a super-smart cable-tray styled LED foot light batten removing any visual barriers between audience and performers.

Robe’s elegant T1 Profiles were used on a three-way RoboSpot remote follow system and T11 Profiles, PCs and Fresnels were also on the rig for fillers and to highlight the set and scenic elements.

One of the numerous finishing details was the six new MolyPATTs across the downstage edge, based on the casing of Robe’s popular PicklePATT, complete with lamp holder for a ‘squirrel’ filament bulb. On the back were six HolyPATTs, their slightly larger counterpart, which is based on the PATT 2013 scenic luminaire that has eye-candied a myriad of television shows, livestreams, studios and concerts.

All lights were programmed by and run to timecode via an Avolites D9 console. Robe’s stand shows have traditionally been running with Avo consoles illustrating the already excellent synergy between the two brands, both of whom are very excited about the future.

The Avolites booth was positioned adjacent to the Robe booth along one side, while on the other side of that wall, the ‘Robe Village’ continued, with the stand of architectural sister brand Anolis, engineering control solutions specialist Artistic Licence and fog / haze aficionados MDG Fog Generators completing the triumvirate of diverse brands with which Robe collaborates closely.

Robe’s architectural and LED lighting brand Anolis had its own space on Stand C28 that highlighted its new Calumma, Ambiane and Eminere product ranges.

Artistic Licence also had its own area on Stand C28 showing a selection of lighting control technology products popular across the entertainment industry and a favourite for systems integrators and installers.

Atmosphere engineers and experts MDG were also located in the Robe Village, and as well as all the products being shown there, The Power of Imagination featured theONE and Ice Fog Q in action.

PLASA 2023 saw the finalisation of a deal announced in June with Robe acquiring the UK-based lighting control manufacturer, Avolites, so this was the first international trade show for the two brands lining up side-by-side, with Avo on an adjacent booth.

Avolites presented its newest (and smallest footprint) console hardware – the T3 – for the first time in the UK, along with its flagship Diamond 9 (D9).

Other hardware presented included classic popular consoles: Arena, Tiger Touch II and Quartz, still loved for their great performance and affordability.

Avo’s Q3 media server was showcased demonstrating their Synergy feature set which unites lighting and video offering creative programmers logical and streamlined workflows for all visual elements on their stage.

Avo’s software platforms Titan, Ai and the newest media software platform Prism were the main features of this year’s PLASA stand, all comprehensively supported by Avo’s excellent networking products Titan Net Switch (TNS) and Titan Net Processor (TNP).

The Avolites team reported a significant boost in visitor numbers to the stand this year and an overwhelmingly positive response to the Robe acquisition, which they are hailing as the next exciting chapter in the company’s history.

The PLASA Innovation Awards are run in association with LSi (Lighting & Sound International) magazine and honour future-focused technology that improves safety, efficiency and performance through new methods and materials.

A record number of 40 products were entered this year, whittled down to just seven lucky winners, chosen by a diverse judging panel comprising 12 independent technical specialists, and Robe was delighted to pick up two of these to add to its growing collection.

Commenting on the iFORTE LTX, the judges said: "The full feature set in an IP-rated enclosure allows the light to be used as a long-throw or short-throw followspot, as well as a good moving light." Coupled with the interchangeable camera, the combination of useful features impressed them.

The Footsie, they reckon, “will be welcomed by anyone needing to route cables across the front of the stage.” They liked the integrated safety marking lights, performer markers and the integration with Robe’s RoboSpot system, coupled with the ability to light performers in a traditional way using new technology.

The two products are very different but equally innovative. The Footsie is a dynamic system with many inbuilt safety features, while the iFORTE LTX is all about power and output with the ability to go down to a piercing narrow beam for stadium and outdoor performance.

The Awards were collected by Robe s.r.o. CEO Josef Valchar and theatre and product development specialist Dave Whitehouse.

A smiling Josef enthused: “It’s always a great honour to receive a PLASA Innovation Award and especially because you know that it is being judged by your peers and by industry professionals who are not easily impressed. There was stiff competition this year, and of course we are all delighted to have won. It’s a great tribute to the hard work of our R&D team and the foresight of our product specialists. As a company, we are dedicated to constantly pushing ideas and invention to create the best solutions!”

In addition to the award-winning iFORTE LTX, Robe launched two other excellent luminaires, the FORTE Fresnel and FORTE PC.

These also utilise Robe’s revolutionary Transferable Engine technology which maintains super bright light quality over time, combined with an innovation-packed high-output wash luminaire, so both products deliver powerful, intense washes without losing any theatrical subtlety or control.

Featuring either the classically soft Fresnel beam or the slightly more defined PC beam, they are both great for any performance space and application.

Robe UK’s sales director Ian W Brown commented: “PLASA 2023 was a tremendous success for Robe UK. The amazing show brought the show floor to a standstill and allowed our customers to see all the newest lights in action. We saw people from all over the UK, Ireland and Europe proving PLASA really is a show where business gets done!”

While Robe UK’s head of marketing, Theresa Gibson, concluded: “The vibrant atmosphere of PLASA London delivered three exhilarating days of high calibre visitors from a wide cross section of the industry, giving us the perfect opportunity to reconnect with our existing customers and forge valuable new relationships, whilst providing an excellent platform to showcase Robe’s newest technologies.

“We were proud to return as headline sponsor and continue our long-standing relationship with PLASA which saw an increase in visitors from the UK and Europe, also attracting customers and distributors from further afield like South America and Southeast Asia who joined us on the booth.

“PLASA London always delivers lots of magic with the best of our industry all under one roof and 2023 was hugely invigorating and no exception!”

photos: Louise Stickland


Another Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for RobeAnother Double Innovation Award Winning PLASA for Robe

12th September 2023

Robe Lighting

Astera PlutoFresnel Wins PLASA Innovation Award

Astera PlutoFresnel Wins PLASA Innovation Award

UK – Wireless LED lighting manufacturer Astera was delighted to win a coveted 2023 PLASA Award for Innovation for its new PlutoFresnel product.

The Awards, which recognise and reward next-generation products and those behind them, were announced during the three-day PLASA London entertainment technology expo staged at the Olympia showgrounds last week. Astera’s award was received by R&D director, Simon Canins.

Astera has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to ingenuity, invention and sustainability in lighting and is famous for nifty products like Titan Tubes, NYX Bulbs, Hydra Panels and many more which have become popular ‘go-tos’ for film, television and event lighting.

Astera’s sales and marketing director Sebastian Bückle was delighted to win the Award and stated: “We're honoured to receive a Plasa Innovation Award for PlutoFresnel, which is a groundbreaking lighting solution designed for film, studio and event settings.

“The cutting-edge technology complete with built-in battery gives three hours of operation on maximum brightness and its full-spectrum Titan LED engine sets a new standard in lighting innovation. This recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence in the industry and we're excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lighting."

A record-breaking 40 products were entered for the 2023 PLASA Innovation Awards, with the judges picking out just eight.

This year’s judging team comprised 12 independent technical specialists from a diversity of backgrounds, chaired by engineer and LSI columnist, James Eade.

Launched earlier this year as a revolutionary lighting solution for film, studio and events, the built-in battery is at the essence of PlutoFresnel’s innovation, making it the most portable Fresnel currently on the market.

The Award judges commented that the versatility of this battery powered Fresnel-come-profile is “unmatched,” and they believe it will “find a home in many rental companies”.

The three hours of battery operation can be elongated using the Astera RuntimeExtender for maximising use in remoter locations with limited access to power.

The fixture delivers a beam angle of between 15° to 60° without colour fringing and consumes just 80W of power whilst delivering an output comparable to a traditional 300W tungsten Fresnel. This also impressed the PLASA judges.

Wireless and wired DMX plus App control – another area that Astera has pioneered – provide ultimate flexibility, while a full set of accessories for easy rigging and positioning including quick-release, detachable YokeBase, removable handle and Airline Track mounting, all make the PlutoFresnel an ultimate lighting solution for creativity and productivity.

Designed under the mantra ‘Fresnels made Portable’, it weighs just 4.6kg and can be easily transported and installed in a range of contexts that would be more challenging for conventional tungsten Fresnels.

Astera exhibited at the 2023 PLASA exhibition on the stand of its UK distributor Ambersphere Solutions and enjoyed a busy and successful trade show seeing customers from all areas of the entertainment industry and making plenty of new and good quality contacts.

In picture: Astera’s Simon Canins (centre) collecting a 2023 PLASA award for Innovation with Adam Blaxill, chair of PLASA’s governing body and Peter Heath, PLASA managing director.

photo: Louise Stickland

12th September 2023

High praise for PLASA Show 2023

High praise for PLASA Show 2023

UK – In step with the welcome return of the British summer, PLASA Show made a triumphant return to the Grand Hall of Olympia London from 3-5 September, proudly spanning a third more floor space with a striking 28% increase in visitors.

Lee House, operations director for Ambersphere Solutions, says: “I was struck by a sense of nostalgia and excitement, PLASA Show has made a triumphant return! The hall was bustling with a diverse array of exhibitors and, most importantly, visitors who were eager to engage in meaningful conversations about their technological needs for the present and future. It was a jam-packed, unforgettable three days that left us eagerly anticipating what next year will bring."

Tom Mowat, hire account manager for Encore, concurs: “PLASA Show 2023 was absolutely incredible. It was fantastic to see the whole of the hall used by exhibitors. The attendance along with the quality of conversation is testament to just how important this event is in our calendar.”

Comparable with pre-pandemic years, the demographic was strong. Well over a third were final decision makers and one in five were business owners or directors. Additional key job roles included technicians and programmers (one in ten), followed closely by sound engineers, lighting designers, technical directors and consultants. Half of attendees work across concert touring, theatre and live events, with a further 20% hailing from AV, broadcast and corporate sectors. Notably, this year saw a 9% growth in international visitors, with 17 more countries in attendance compared to 2022.

Adam Ironside, marketing manager for Canford Audio, says: “PLASA Show was excellent this year. Our team all commented that this is one of the best exhibitions they have ever been to. Incredibly busy, high-quality leads, a great mix of customers and a lot of fun!”

Visitors feasted on new products, destined for use across the international live sector.

PLASA Show’s headline sponsors not only wowed visitors with live demonstrations, complete with circus performers, they utilised the show’s powerful platform to launch three products: the FORTE Fresnel PC, iFORTE LTX, and FOOTSIE, with the latter two scooping a PLASA Award for Innovation.

Theresa Gibson, head of marketing for Robe, comments: “The vibrant atmosphere of PLASA Show delivered three exhilarating days of high calibre visitors from a wide cross section of the industry. We were proud to return as headline sponsor and continue our long-standing relationship with PLASA, which saw an increase in visitors from the UK and Europe, whilst also attracting customers and distributors from as far afield as South America and South East Asia. PLASA Show always delivers lots of magic, excitement and energy with the best of our industry all under one roof and 2023 was no exception!”

More lighting goodness came from Ayrton who officially launched their new Argo 6 fixture at the show and Claypaky revealed their Midi-B FX to the world and brought Skylos along for its first PLASA Show outing. The show saw several UK debuts too, including Elation’s Proteus Radius, Odeon and Hybrid MAX, CAST’s BlackTrax One and Avolites’ T3. Visitors also had the chance to try out the new NXL console and ONYX software courtesy of Obsidian Control Systems.

Andrew McKinlay, marketing and customer service director for Avolites Ltd, says: “PLASA Show 2023 will go down in Avolites history for many reasons. Not least for the fact it was our first PLASA Show as a Robe company. The vibe this year was the best it’s been since 2019, the stand was busy nearly all the time, and more meaningful discussions were had than expected. Roll on 2024.”

DiGiCo debuted their Quantum852 mixing console and showcased new immersive in-ear mixing solutions from KLANG. Elsewhere, EM Acoustics unveiled their ultra-compact R5, L-Acoustics showcased their L Series, and OutBoard demonstrated new enhancements to their TiMax2 SoundHub. Other notable debuts came courtesy of Glensound with their Charles Interpreter Unit and Innovate Audio’s panLab console.

Visitors were also keen to check out Harlequin’s Liberty Switch, Dirty Rigger’s Technician’s Backpack, as well as international premiers from Total Solutions’ TML range. New exhibitors presented new products too, including the Microphone Disinfector from Li.LAC and DARKMAT from Holotronica.

Stuart Warren-Hill, managing director, Holotronica, says: “This was the first time we had a stand at PLASA Show. I have to say it was a great experience and we got some great reactions and feedback from some very prestigious industry leaders in their field. I feel our company has had a well needed boost by the experience and expect to get future work from these great new leads.”

In fact, this year’s show welcomed several new brands, who anticipate big business rewards.

Andrew Bishop, founder of Reclaim Audio Ltd and GreenWaves, says: “We went to PLASA Show to gauge our sector's appetite for a sustainable approach to sound. Inquisitive visitors were intrigued with the solar-powered amplifier and speakers made from repurposed materials. PLASA Show 2023 was the busiest in living memory and set the scene for increased sustainability!”

Ollie Nye, director of Ripple Asset Management, adds: “All three days were filled with good conversations with friendly people. We were in the ‘PLASA Introduces’ area, and by the end of the show, we had a little community going between our stands! I've always felt PLASA Show is good for getting in touch with the pulse of the industry, but exhibiting takes that to a whole new level.”

The packed programme featured several standing-room-only sessions.

Lighting designer Tim Routledge delivered two presentations on Eurovision 2023, both of which were extraordinarily popular with an endless supply of questions from the audience. Tim remarked: “It was a real thrill to see the huge interest in what we had created at Eurovision and great to see PLASA attracting such a huge crowd.” Visitors also flocked to presentations on the Olympics with Durham Marenghi and the Coronation Concert with NorthHouse Creative and SKYMAGIC.

Innovative artistry was firmly in the spotlight, with sessions on drones with Electric Airshows, crafting narratives with Women in Lighting, advanced video technologies with Frame:work  and the Frameless gallery with Innovate Audio, EM Acoustics and Autograph Sound. And AV was high on the agenda, with sessions from ClearCom, Avixa, Canford Audio and Rentman.

Joost Maris, AV operations specialist for Rentman, says: “We had a great time unpacking a hot topic within the industry: RFID and what this means for the AV industry. As a result of the seminar, we were able to expand on these discussions with eager professionals.”

Many prominent industry issues were discussed at the show, including Unusual Rigging on circular economy in production, the ALPD on sustainability, Women in Live Music on parenthood, PLASA on Brexit, author and podcaster Mark Stevenson on the future and Backup Tech on neurodiversity.

Jessica Allan, charity co-ordinator for Backup Tech, says: “This year’s show had a wonderful vibe of camaraderie and connection. Thank you PLASA for giving us a platform to talk about these important topics, whereby we can improve as an industry in support of our colleagues.”

The show was brimming with free-to-attend training sessions and demonstrations.

Audinate ran fully booked certified training sessions in Dante AV Level 1, 2 and 3. Elsewhere ChamSys ran back-to-back hands-on sessions, allowing attendees to get to grips with their MagicQ and QuickQ software and consoles. And following their PLASA Innovation Award win last year, Minuit Une showcased their dazzling IVL Photon luminaire.

James Harrison, product and support manager for ChamSys, says: “Once again our training space at PLASA Show saw great attendance from both new and existing users coming to see the latest and greatest software features and to get hands on with ChamSys consoles. See you in 2024!”

On the audio front, visitors were spoiled for choice with all-day demonstrations: KV2 Audio showcased several of their products featured across the West End, including their VHD 2.0 and ESR 106, RCF debuted the NXW44A/SUB9004A and the latest version of their RdNet software and JBL impressed with the UK debuts of their VTX A6 and SRX 900.

Matthew Watt, head of application engineering for Sound Technology, says: “This year’s show went really well for us in the JBL demo room. We all commented on how much busier it was this year and went away with lots of follow up and project leads.”

Vintage tech from legendary bands and theatre shows wowed visitors throughout the show.

This year’s show saw the return of the impressive collection from CH Vintage Audio, who joined forces with Classic Gear Live, in association with LSi magazine. Not only were the steady stream of visitors able to see and hear the gear used by legendary artists such as Pink Floyd, the Beatles, David Bowie, the Who and the Grateful Dead, they saw pioneering lighting fixtures and consoles from classic West End shows. Moreover, visitors had the opportunity to meet the experts behind the products, with special guests recounting stories and detailing their preservation efforts.

Rob Halliday, host of Classic Gear Live, says: “I had the best time on the Classic Gear stand, where we showed lighting and sound history from the 1950s to the 1980s and were lucky enough to have the people who made or first used those products speak to anyone who was interested, which seemed to be a lot of people!” Chris Hewitt of CH Vintage Audio, adds: “PLASA Show 2023 saw our stand busy every day with visits from younger members of the industry to some major industry figures.”

The year’s most impressive tech was celebrated during the PLASA Awards for Innovation.

In association with LSi magazine, and sponsored by Yutree and Medialease, this year’s PLASA Awards for Innovation saw 40 entries, many of which could be seen up close on the Innovation Gallery. Eight lucky nominees scooped a coveted award, with Brompton Technology winning Gold for their highly anticipated Tessera G1, hailed as a game-changer for virtual productions, TV and film.

Richard Mead, CEO of Brompton Technology, says: “We launched Brompton Technology at PLASA Show in 2012. So, the PLASA show is very much our home event. We are all delighted to receive this honour for the G1, which is going to be a platform for exciting innovation for years to come.”

The highlight of the awards ceremony was presenting the respected Gottelier Award to Howard Eaton, who commented: “It is quite something to be nominated for this award and very special indeed to be added to the list of friends and colleagues who have won it. Thank you to PLASA and LSi and special thanks to my friends and colleagues whose continued hard work, dedication and support make it possible to develop and build the things that help deliver the shows we work on.”

Community was at the core of PLASA Show with several networking events.

The heart of the show was the #WeMakeEvents afterparty, which saw exhibitors and visitors alike come together to enjoy complimentary refreshments, with a party soundtrack courtesy of Martin Audio and The Bug Club. Elsewhere, Women in Lighting hosted a networking event in partnership with Ambersphere and Ayrton to socialise and swap stories. And Women in Live Music teamed up with Solotech and Production Futures for a lively networking session focused on diversity.

James King, marketing director for Martin Audio, says:, “It was our first time at the PLASA Show in a number of years and it was great to be back. To see the growth of the show is important and attendance was strong. Being able to showcase our new THS loudspeaker in collaboration with The Bug Club was an enjoyable opportunity and the visitors were enthusiastic in their response.”

With all the high praise, PLASA Show 2023 mirrored the upward trajectory of the live sector.

Stephen Button, UK and Nordic trade marketing manager for Pro Audio for Sennheiser Professional Audio and Neumann, says: “I thought it would be hard to top, but 2023 was even better than the 2022 PLASA Show for us. We had a great response from the many visitors who came by the stand. Lots of potential customers and partners which we look forward to continuing to build relationships with.”

Chris Hale, product specialist for Chauvet Professional, adds: “PLASA Show felt a little different this time around in a good way. Every day was steady in the morning and busy from midday onwards. Maybe it was the sunshine, but it felt to me that PLASA Show is starting to get its buzz back again.”

Sophie Atkinson, PLASA head of events, concludes: “We are humbled by the huge amount of praise for this year’s show, it really does feel like our industry is gaining the strength we lost during the pandemic. Many of the stands were impressive, reflecting the ingenuity and ambition that our industry is known for. And our guest speakers really captured the sentiment of what industry professionals are thinking and feeling. And even though business was, of course, high on the agenda, it was paired with a sense of increased community, hopefully helping our industry become more accessible to all. Work is already underway for PLASA Focus Leeds from 14-15 May, and we’ll return to London next year from 1-3 September, we look forward to seeing you then!”

PLASA Show will return to Olympia London from 1-3 September 2024. Register your interest at www.plasashow.com/register-interest  

12th September 2023

Obsidian’s ground-breaking NETRON IP65 data distribution wins PLASA Award for Innovation

Obsidian’s ground-breaking NETRON IP65 data distribution wins PLASA Award for Innovation

UK – Obsidian Control Systems has fulfilled the need for IP65-rated data distribution products in the entertainment industry and was rewarded for that effort at the recent PLASA tradeshow in London. The NETRON EN6 IP, one of three devices in Obsidian’s new IP65 range of signal distribution, won a PLASA Award for Innovation on 4 September at the 2023 exhibition.

The PLASA Award judges recognised the EN6 IP as a “device that brings lighting control distribution and format conversion to the outdoors at an accessible price point.”

That was an understatement.

The six-port EN6 IP EtherDMX node, along with a six-port RDM Splitter (RDM6 IP) and an eight-port managed POE switch (NS8 IP), is ground-breaking innovation. Despite the tremendous increase in outdoor performances and the immense amount of IP-rated entertainment technology on the market, until now, there has been no IP data distribution devices to provide the required infrastructure for shows and events.

The NETRON IP65 range blends the proven chassis and connector technology of Elation Professional’s market-leading IP65 Proteus range of lighting fixtures with the NETRON data platform. Utilising a custom-designed die-cast body, impact resistant paint, IP ports and touch controls, the NETRON IP65 range provides data distribution for any location that requires dust and moisture protection. No longer does the lighting technician need to add questionable custom enclosures to ensure the integrity of the lighting system in adverse environments.

"I'm incredibly proud of our team's tireless work and relentless pursuit of innovation as we continue to push the boundaries in entertainment controls,” stated Matthias Hinrichs, product manager at Obsidian Control Systems and Elation Professional. “The NETRON EN6 IP, along with the entire IP65 range, represents a significant step forward in addressing the needs of the entertainment industry. A rugged IP-rated lighting data node that aligns with our leading Proteus range has been truly missing from the market and now lighting professionals can operate with greater confidence in any environment."

Easy to configure via display, web interface or the NETRON CLU app through simple presets or when required a detailed configuration of features, the EN6 IP offers up to six universes with full support for the industry-standard streaming sACN and Art-Net protocols. It even features up to 99 internal cues that can be set up to play in the event of data loss, ensuring audience and performer safety, or providing a dedicated scene even when the control system is offline. A removable metal cover protects the display from impact and the boxes are easily stackable via a simple and elegant internal magnetic alignment. M10 or M12 clamp positions round out the chassis and daisy chaining of power and gigabit Ethernet ensures fast and efficient deployment in the field. For added convenience, the EN 6IP can be powered by POE Ethernet.

The new devices are scheduled to hit the market later this year.


12th September 2023


Winners announced for PLASA Awards for Innovation 2023

Winners announced for PLASA Awards for Innovation 2023

UK – The winners of this year’s PLASA Awards for Innovation were announced recently at PLASA Show at Olympia London. The awards, run in association with LSi magazine, are respected industry-wide for celebrating future-focussed technology that improves safety, efficiency and performance through new methods and materials.

Forty products were entered this year, with the judges ultimately awarding eight products, including one highly coveted Gold Award. This year’s judging team comprised 12 independent technical specialists from a wide array of backgrounds, chaired once again by chartered engineer and LSi columnist, James Eade.

The winning products and judges’ comments are listed below:

Astera, PlutoFresnel 

The judges said that the versatility of this battery powered Fresnel-come-profile is unmatched and it will find a home in many rental companies.

Coda Audio, SPACE

The judges felt that although flat panel speaker technology is not new, this product provides an innovative approach to the market need for wall speakers to be heard and not seen.

Elation, Netron EN6 IP   

The judges say that this device brings lighting control distribution and format conversion to the outdoors at an accessible price point.

Funktion-One, VX M-BEAM   

The judges were impressed by the innovative speaker rigging system and how it will enable greater use of the products in venues with single-point hangs.

Martin, MAC Aura XiP   

The judges say that this product brings a different, considered approach to IP rating to the table without compromise on weight or output. “With an innovative lens system, it is indeed the first nodding bucket!”

Robe Lighting, iForte LTX   

“The full feature set in an IP-rated enclosure allows the light to be used as a long-throw or short-throw followspot, as well as a good moving light.” Coupled with the interchangeable camera, the combination of features impressed the judges.

Robe Lighting, Footsie   

The judges say this product will be welcomed by anyone who needs to route cables across the front of the stage. Integrated safety marking lights, performer markers, integration with the Robospot, coupled with the ability to light actors in a traditional manner impressed the judges.

Gold Award

Each year the judges also have the option to award a Gold Award in recognition outstanding innovation. This year they have decided to award it to Brompton Technology.

Brompton Technology, Tessera G1   
The judges said: “This unassuming circuit board demonstrates true future-focused innovation and facilitates the next generations of video panels. It is a true enabler for those manufacturing RGBW LED video products with high frame rates. And the developers have considered a wide range of applications. It will prove a game-changer for virtual productions and the use of LED in TV and film.”

In addition to the winners, the judges commended six additional products, which are:

Cameo, PixBar 400 IP Generation 2

The Judges commended this product for the innovative rigging and integration hardware.

Innovate Audio, panLab Console

This is commended for making spatial audio available to the masses.

Offstage Controls, Protocol Emulator with RDM Net
The judges feel that this is a great training tool for the next generation of lighting technicians.

Singularity (UK), Art Net Compliance Tester
This software is commended for its ability to give end-users confidence in their products as well as enabling manufacturers to check their equipment.

Spectralbot Djinni and the SpectralBot Platform
The judges praised this product for showing a glimpse of the future of systems integration.

APT-GB, conn AV

The Judges felt that this is a really useful Swiss Army Knife of AV integration at a good price point.

Judging chair James Eade, comments: “This year’s PLASA Awards for Innovation saw a very high standard of entry, this led to a larger than usual number of commendations. And of course, the Gold Award which was awarded to Brompton Technology for their unassuming yet future-focused circuit board.”
Gottelier Award

Following the Innovation Awards, a prestigious Gottelier Award was presented to Howard Eaton of Howard Eaton Lighting. This award, named after renowned industry innovator Tony Gottelier, recognises individuals or teams of people who have made sustained and significant contributions to the development of entertainment technology.

Howard Eaton is well-known for their bespoke solutions which have brought magic to countless theatrical productions around the world. From Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s flying car, to the crashing chandelier in the Phantom of the Opera, to the flying Olympic rings at London 2012.

Upon receiving his award, Howard said: “Thank you, I’m rather overwhelmed, I did not expect this! Thank you to all those who voted and thank you to PLASA, it’s a great honour.”

11th September 2023

EM Acoustics returns to PLASA Show

EM Acoustics returns to PLASA Show

UK – Currently celebrating 21 years of operation, renowned British loudspeaker manufacturer EM Acoustics is preparing for this year’s PLASA Show, returning to London Olympia from September 3rd to 5th 2023. The team is set to unveil its latest addition to the Reference Series, the ultra-compact R5, at the event.

This Reference Series is characterised by its low-profile design and exceptional quality, offering full-range point source loudspeakers that boast remarkably flat frequency and phase responses.

“Introducing a smaller enclosure is a logical step in the evolution of the Reference Series, driven by serious demand from our customers,” confirms Greg Clarke, EM Acoustics’ brand manager. “Like the rest of the Reference family, the R5 delivers high-calibre point-source audio, unparalleled headroom and exquisite musicality. The compact form factor of the R5 expands the potential applications and provides designers and engineers with an even more versatile product eco-system."

The new addition joins a portfolio of EM Acoustics' loudspeakers that have already left an impression in various prestigious settings, including West End theatres, live music venues, touring events and fixed installations.

"We are thrilled to be part of PLASA once again, connecting with our valued clients and other industry professionals,” explains Mike Wheeler, operations director at EM Acoustics. “This year holds special significance for EM Acoustics as we celebrate our 21st birthday, launch the R5 and collaborate on projects such as Glastonbury Festival and other high-profile productions and installations."

The official launch of the R5 at PLASA will also present the opportunity for EM Acoustics to promote a week of demonstration sessions for the R5, and the rest of the range, set to take place between the 23rd and 27th of October at the EM Acoustics factory in Surrey.

Visitors of PLASA Show 2023 can meet the EM Acoustics team at booth D7 to learn more about the latest addition to the Reference Series.

1st September 2023

Backup Tech makes welcome return to #WeMakeEvents Support Hub and hosts Neurodiversity Session at PLASA 2023

Backup Tech makes welcome return to #WeMakeEvents Support Hub and hosts Neurodiversity Session at PLASA 2023

UK – Backup is once again the lead charity on the #WeMakeEvents Support Hub at this year's PLASA Show at London's Olympia from 3rd to 5th September. The #WeMakeEvents Support Hub bring together multiple charities and organisations that have been playing an integral part in supporting the industry.

The team will be on Stand A80 (part of the #WeMakeEvents Hub) to offer support, raise awareness of mental health and help remove the stigma that surrounds it. Trained mental health first aiders from Backup and Music Support will be on hand to provide advice and information for anyone who wants to talk, either for themselves or for someone they want to signpost to get industry help, throughout the show, with PLASA also bringing in EventWell to provide a specific wellbeing and safe space for anyone who needs immediate help at the show.

On Monday 4th September at 11.30 in Seminar Theatre 3, Backup will also host a session entitled Neurodiversity and our Industry – the Advantages and Challenges. Host Jess Allan from Backup will be joined by counsellor/psychotherapist, Chris Madden, MBACP registered and part of MITC, Mig Burgess, senior lecturer, co-chair of the ABTT, Mental Health First Aid (England) instructor and a trustee at Backup, Daisy Simmons, a freelance lighting designer who, having graduated this year, is just starting out and was diagnosed as autistic in 2019, Dinesh Sattee, a freelance technician working in theatre, who has a couple of years’ experience in the industry and was diagnosed with autism as a child and experienced mix engineer, Phil Wright, who was diagnosed with ADHD in childhood and more recently with autism.

The session will discuss how the industry naturally attracts neurodiverse people and how their creative and unique ways of problem-solving can be at the heart of making the impossible possible, the challenges they can face, how they can be overcome and how we can make sure the industry can properly support them in their working environment.

“This subject that has not really been discussed publicly in our industry, is an area we are only just starting to explore, but one that we, as Backup, are passionate about addressing,” says Jess. “Our aim is to look at neurodiversity through the professional eyes of Chris, alongside Mig’s industry expertise and experience of talking with people on this subject and being an MHFA trainer, as well as through the real-world experiences of Daisy, Dinesh and Phil, who will provide the perspective of someone who is just starting out in their career and someone who has forged a highly successful career by understanding their own needs and using that knowledge to their advantage.”

Backup will also be part of the PLASA Wellbeing in the Industry session on 5th September from 12.30 to 13.15 in Seminar Theatre 1, where attendees can hear from PLASA, Backup, Stagehand and Music Support about their own initiatives to support wellbeing in live events and entertainment.

“It can be very difficult to ask for help, whatever it is you need, and even more so when your mental health is affected,” says Backup vice chair, Piers Shepperd. “The Wellbeing and Support Hub proved to be a successful initiative last year and we’re delighted that PLASA has invited us back to be part of it again. We’re also pleased that we can shine a light on neurodiversity and are extremely grateful to, Daisy, Dinesh and Phil for their openness and honesty and for agreeing to be part of the session. Our hope is that it will provide truly meaningful insight into both the challenges and the huge benefits of the industry embracing a truly diverse workforce and will encourage other people, both freelancers and their employers, to do the same.”

Information will also be available about Backup’s AJ Bursary for free Mental Health First Aider training for freelancers via industry course provider Music Support, so if you want to find out more about them and how training as a Mental Health First Aider can help you and the people you work with, please visit the Wellbeing and Support Hub.

For more information about the sessions and to register to attend, please visit https://www.plasashow.com/programme 

31st August 2023

PLASA Show returns to showcase the future of live

PLASA Show returns to showcase the future of live

UK – PLASA Show once again returns to Olympia London to showcase the future of live entertainment technology. From 3-5 September, the expanded show will set the stage for 239 brands, 112 educational sessions and thousands of industry professionals. Free tickets are available until 31 August, increasing to £15, then £20 on the door.

Iconic brands will present their latest products and services under the equally iconic vaulted glass ceiling of Olympia. Lighting professionals can look forward to meeting Artistic Licence, Astera, Ayrton, Chauvet Professional, Claypaky, Elation, ETC, GDS, GLP, MA Lighting, Martin, Robert Juliat, ROXX, SGM, TMB and Varilite. Plus, headline sponsor Robe will run impressive live demonstrations throughout the show.

Pro audio professionals can connect with brands such as Allen & Heath, AED Audio, BishopSound, d&b audiotechnik, DiGiCo, EM Acoustics, FBT Audio, Glensound, KV2 Audio, JBL, L-Acoustics, Midas, Nexo, Omega Pro Audio, OutBoard TiMax, Peavey, RCF, Sennheiser, Shure, Tannoy and Yamaha. Plenty of Audio-Visual brands will be in attendance too, such as Canford Audio, Clear-Com, Epson, Green Hippo, Luminex, PSCo, Rigging Services, Rosco and Tight AV.

Those who work with staging and rigging technology can shake hands with the likes of BroadWeigh, ChainMaster, CM-ET, Dirty Rigger, Doughty Engineering, Harlequin, Holotronica, J&C Joel, Lift Turn Move, Next Truss, Steeldeck industries, Total Solutions Group and UK Rigging.

And if that wasn’t enough, PLASA Show also welcomes several new brands to the show this year, including Microphone Dude, Claywell Digital, Mighty Tough Cases, AV Tapes, Innovate Audio, Sumolight, SpectralBot, Hex Event Solutions, Offstage Controls and Vampire Squid.

This year’s seminar programme, sponsored by Vectorworks, boasts back-to-back sessions delivering creative inspiration, business advice, and technical insights. Lighting highlights include Eurovision with Tim Routledge, the Olympics with Durham Marenghi, Women in Lighting on the role of lighting in storytelling and technical deep-dives with ETC, Avolites, Cast and Vectorworks.

Audio content comes courtesy of Innovate Audio and their panLab spatial audio processor, London’s Frameless art gallery in association with LSi, the ASD on radio mic fitting, Sandy Brown on acoustically challenging spaces and OutBoard’s investigation into “What’s Immersive?”. AV is also well catered for with sessions on Green-Go with Canford, advanced video technologies with Frame:work, intercoms with Clear-Com, RFID with Rentman and IPMX with Avixa.

Business is high on the agenda too, with a session on redefining leadership with Production Futures, parenthood with Women in Live Music, neurodiversity with Backup, the future with award-winning author Mark Stevenson, sustainability with the ALPD and Brexit with PLASA.

Attendees can enjoy presentations on technical achievements, including TAIT reporting on the Soundstorm festival, Electric Airshows on lighting drones, Unusual Rigging on the West End’s Mrs Doubtfire and James Simpson on his LSi column, Future Tech. And visitors can go deeper into health & safety with Tom Goode, BS7909 with James Eade, EN17206 with TAIT, Technical Standards with the ABTT and theatrical experimentation with PEARL.

In addition to the well-stocked seminar programme, PLASA Show will see several hands-on training and immersive demonstrations. Visitors can take advantage of Dante Certification across levels 1, 2, and 3, as well as an additional elective course; visitors are advised to sign-up on the website in advance to these popular sessions to secure a space. Elsewhere, ChamSys will offer three days of practical training sessions, covering MagicQ, QuickQ, guest lighting designer sessions and end of day Q&A.

Audio professionals can explore live demonstrations from KV2 Audio, JBL and RCF, with plenty of new products on show. Plus, the d&b Soundscape theatre returns to run various sessions and demonstrations throughout the show. And for lighting professionals, Minuit Une will demonstrate their impressive award-winning IVL Photon luminaire.

Following its debut last year, CH Vintage Audio will return to the show, in tandem with LSi’s Classic Gear Live. Together they will showcase vintage audio and lighting products used in some of the most iconic concerts, albums and shows. Including Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon sound system, The Beatles’ Abbey Road monitors, and David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust tour equipment from 50 years ago.

The PLASA Awards for Innovation will of course be at the show, celebrating this year’s most impressive technology. In association with LSi and sponsored by Medialease and Yutree, the awards are highly regarded for their independent and unbiased judging process. Visitors can see the nominees on the Innovation Gallery during the show and see who wins during an intimate ceremony at 6pm on Monday in seminar theatre 1.

Futhermore, both exhibitors and visitors are invited to the show bar afterwards for the official #WeMakeEvents afterparty, offering a valuable way to chat with people from across the industry.

Introduced at PLASA Focus Leeds earlier this year, the EventWell Hub will debut at PLASA Show, offering a quiet space with professional support: the perfect refuge should you experience anything unsettling at the show.

Elsewhere, Women in Lighting will host a networking session in partnership with Ambersphere and Ayrton. Find them at the bar from 3:30pm on Monday. Also at the bar, visitors can enjoy quality music courtesy of Martin Audio and The Bug Club: a professional DJ booth, in a converted VW camper van, kitted out with Martin Audio!

Sophie Atkinson, PLASA’s head of events, says: “This year’s show has really grown, with a significantly bigger show floor plus exciting new features and friendly get-togethers. With the industry keen to safeguard against future challenges, we have made sure that the show’s content is both valuable for businesses and accessible for new entrants. I invite you to take advantage of all there is to offer and join the conversation at the forefront of the live sector.”

PLASA Show will take place at Olympia London from 3-5 September. Find out more and register for an entry badge at https://www.plasashow.com/ 

30th August 2023

Ayrton launches IP65 Argo 6 at PLASA 2023

Ayrton launches IP65 Argo 6 at PLASA 2023
Ayrton launches IP65 Argo 6 at PLASA 2023

UK – Ayrton chose PLASA Show 2023 for the official launch of its new IP65-rated Argo 6 fixtures on 5 September 2023. Argo 6 FX will be exhibited on Stand C11 by Ayrton’s exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere Solutions, alongside a wealth of other innovative LED products from the Ayrton portfolio.

Products on show will include the incredibly compact effects fixture Zonda 9, the laser-sourced Cobra, the IP65-rated Domino, as well as the multi-function Eurus profile, the ultra-compact Diablo and the thrillingly diverse Huracán Wash and more. There will also be a preview of Ayrton’s new Rivale Profile, a 450W LED fixture with a luminous flux of 27,500 lumens, a 13:1 zoom ration and a 4° to 52° zoom range that can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4° outputting in excess of 105k lux at 5m, close to that of Ayrton’s famous ‘LT’ versions.

For the first time in its history, Ayrton is launching a weather-sealed effects luminaire that offers as much creative potential indoors as outdoors. Argo 6 presents a minimalist design incorporating features for total protection against harsh weather with easier internal access.

A new composite alloy, reduction in thickness of the parts, an optimised cooling system, simplified lens guidance and integration of low-density optical components, mean Ayrton has been able to reduce overall weight by 20%. Meanwhile, the placement of pan and tilt motors in the base and head of the luminaire avoids the constraint of weatherproofing the yoke arms. A new submersible ventilation system in a non-waterproof compartment allows for optimal cooling.

Available as Wash or FX versions, Argo 6 is equipped with 19 LEDs of 40W with RGB+W additive colour synthesis that can deliver a light output of 13,000 lumens. Its 280mm front window is designed to ensure optimal visuals. Argo 6 can obtain a highly intense beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°.

Argo 6 FX is a versatile fully-equipped luminaire designed for a multitude of applications. It borrows from the main features of the Wash version and offers continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement I.R.S.TM. Argo 6 FX is equipped with a high-definition liquid effect system enhanced by a translucent honeycomb that can generate complex graphic effects LiquidEffect.  

For the first time, Ayrton has provided individual control of the LEDs on the Argo 6 Wash version and added a virtually infinite library of effects. Argo 6 Wash is a precise machine that can obtain perfect colour reproduction. A complete library of pre-programmed colours allows quick creation of subtle, dense and contrasting swaths of light. Its black honeycomb and perfect separation of the light sources help to significantly boost the level of contrast.

Argo 6 Wash and Argo 6 FX can be used alone or in combination with the main LED matrix. By allowing for more precision and exactness, they add a breath of creativity. Part of Ayrton’s Multi Sources IP65 6 Series, Argo 6 allows the rediscovery of a new sense of pure freedom.


Ayrton is also previewing Rivale Profile, a lighter, versatile fixture weighing only 28kg which has been designed to push limits and is Ayrton’s most versatile luminaire to date.

Equipped with a 160mm front lens and a brand new 450W high-efficiency LED module, calibrated at 6500K with a luminous flux of 27,500 lumens, Rivale Profile can produce an ultra-intensive beam of 4° outputting in excess of 105k lux at 5m – close to that of Ayrton’s famous "LT" versions – with a 13:1 zoom ratio and a zoom range of 4° to 52°.

A brand new high-definition progressive CMY colour mixing system allows a perfect reproduction of pastel colours. A variable minus green channel and a carefully designed CTO channel optimises control, making it the perfect keylight. A seven-position colour wheel completes the palette of tools dedicated to creating colour. Coupled with the brand-new LED module, developed with a white point right on the black body curve, Rivale Profile is the most advanced subtractive colour mixing profile available.

Rivale Profile is factory equipped with a wheel of seven rotating gobos, a wheel of eight fixed gobos, a framing section that allows the precise positioning of each shutter blade on 100% of the surface with a rotation of +/- 90°, an iris diaphragm, a monochromatic effect wheel, two combinable rotating prisms and two frost filters.

By utilising innovative materials and state-of-the-art technology, Ayrton has minimised this fixture’s weight to enable it to accomplishing exceptional feats and deliver outstanding performance. Developed for mixed use indoors and outdoors – in all conditions – Rivale Profile, has a unique visual signature that foreshadows the style of Ayrton’s future line and secures the Ayrton name as a ‘no-compromise’ brand.

Part of Ayrton’s Classical IP65 3 Series, and complete with continuous rotation of the pan and tilt movement, Rivale Profile is a unique projector, unparalleled on the market, that successfully boasts performance, creativity, subtlety and power.

Continuing its support of the Women in Lighting project, Ayrton and its exclusive UK distributor, Ambersphere, will be supporting a PLASA networking event for the second year running. Invites are extended to all women working in lighting and their supporters to meet for drinks and networking on the PLASA Show bar at 3.30pm on Monday 4th September.

30th August 2023

ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023

ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023
ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023

UK – ETC returns to the PLASA Show in September with new seminars, state-of-the-art products and a unique games arcade area featuring the latest in lighting technology for visitors to explore.

This year, visitors to ETC's stand B29 will get a chance to experience industry leading technology in a whole new light. The Arcade will feature some of ETC’s newest lighting solutions as a part of a series of interactive games for attendees to enjoy. Visitors are invited to the booth to put their skills to the test in three different games, all while playing against the clock and in for a chance to win some swag!

During the three-day show, ETC product specialists will also present a series of seminars in the Seminar Theatre 1 - Lighting + Production Theatre. On Sunday 3rd September from 13:00 - 13:45 BST, ETC’s senior product manager Sarah Clausen will present ‘Hog 4 OS v4.0 – Hog’s Next Chapter’. This session will give an inside look into the anticipated upcoming Hog 4 OS v4.0 release which includes a brand new colour system that is inspired by the award-winning Eos colour engine. 

On Monday 4th September, ETC’s events and training specialist Graham Parker will demonstrate how easy and valuable it is to set up a 3D programming environment based on any stage in ‘Workflows, Tools and Tips – A Programmer’s Guide’ at 13:30 – 14:15 BST.

‘A Taste of Johnnie Walker’ will be hosted by ETC training programme co-ordinator Declan Randall on Tuesday 5th September from 13:30 – 14:15 BST. In this session visitors will find out all about the set-up and powerful technology that was used to install an immersive storytelling space over eight floors of the Scotch brand’s flagship Edinburgh store.

A range of ETC’s latest product releases will also be showcased on stand B29. Visitors can get a close look at ETC’s newest line of automated fixtures: High End Systems Halcyon with sizes suitable for any application. The latest in entertainment lighting and control will also be displayed on the stand for visitors to see including ColorSource V and Source 4WRD Color II luminaires, Eos Apex control and much more.

The PLASA Show, the UK’s leading event for entertainment technology, will take place from the 3rd-5th September 2023 at the Olympia London. Register for free to attend here.


ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023ETC brings new seminars and new technologies to PLASA 2023

30th August 2023


Artistic Licence at PLASA London Olympia, 3-5 September 2023

Artistic Licence at PLASA London Olympia, 3-5 September 2023

UK - Artistic Licence are exhibiting alongside Robe and Avolites, Stand C28.

Artistic Licence is looking forward to a landmark PLASA London 2023. As regulars at the show for many years, the company is particularly excited to be part of the growing Robe family, which now includes console manufacturer, Avolites.

The focus this year takes AL back to its rock & roll roots, with a line-up of its rack-mount splitter and gateway range. From its signature 'skinny rack' octoboxes to the channel-dense, feature-rich dataLynx range, AL caters for a spectrum of budgets and technical needs.

The dataLynx range

  • 12 universes (bidirectional ports)
  • Art-Net 4, sACN, LLRP, DHCP
  • 10/100BaseT Ethercon input or Gigabit/SFP fibre module option
  • Protected outputs can withstand any international mains voltage
  • ‘extreme' model additionally features electrical surge protection
  • RDM enable per output
  • Power, network & DMX activity LED indicators
  • Custom variants with XLR3, XLR5 or RJ45 (Ethercon) connectors

Continuing with the sound related puns (apologies), the Artistic Licence stand would not be complete without some of its hugely popular DIN rail mount products. This year, AL to annouces a new addition to its best-selling railSplit range, in the form of railSplit quad.

 This new DMX/RDM optosplitter features all the functionality of the ever-popular railSplit rdm, with two2 key differences:

  • Data connections are all RJ45
  • There are four (not six) outputs

Also in the news, AL has revamped one of its oldest products, railFlip, with a new style case and markings. railFlip is a modular A-B switch for DMX512 that supports four universes. Its primary purpose is automatic switching between a primary and backup lighting controller. Avolites customers take note! It can also be used to switch between different lighting control positions.

  • Modular A-B switch
  • Supports 4 universes
  • Automatic or manual switching
  • Cascade products for more universes

Since winning the PLASA Gold Innovation Award in 2019, sunDial quad – a trailing edge mains dimmer designed for dimmable replacement LED – has become AL’s highest selling product. This year, the company let slip that it is driving the exciting new HolyPATT and MolyPATT Robe fixtures on Stand C28. Artistic Licence invites you to come and see for yourselves just how good it is!

Artistic Licence at PLASA London Olympia, 3-5 September 2023Artistic Licence at PLASA London Olympia, 3-5 September 2023

29th August 2023

DiGiCo brings new Quantum852 powerhouse to PLASA Show 2023

DiGiCo brings new Quantum852 powerhouse to PLASA Show 2023

UK – Stand G11 at this year's PLASA Show, set to take place next month from 3rd to 5th September at Olympia London, will see DiGiCo showcasing its comprehensive range of world-class mixing consoles. This line-up includes the Quantum338, Quantum225, S21 and the latest addition to its collection: the next generation of large format live audio production mixing consoles, the Quantum852. The leading digital solutions manufacturer for live sound, theatre and broadcast also present the newest KLANG immersive in-ear mixing solutions, which have been favoured by engineers and musicians around the globe. All these solutions will be available for product demonstrations, with show visitors also having the opportunity to engage with the DiGiCo and KLANG teams, who will be readily available throughout the show.

First announced in May, Quantum852 will make its debut trade show appearance at the PLASA Show. The Quantum852 represents a significant leap forward in processing power and boasts a 1000 nit LCD screens that ensure visibility even in full daylight. Coupled with a newly designed worksurface, users can be confident that, in line with the DiGiCo ethos, Quantum852 has been meticulously engineered not just for now but for the future as well.

Equipped with an array of eco-friendly credentials, Quantum852 also boasts an impressive technical specification. This includes fully redundant processing, with each engine powered by five of the latest seventh generation FPGAs and the next-generation SHARC DSP processors. The input count for Quantum852 is expanded to 384 mono channels, accompanied by 192 aux / sub-group busses, in addition to the familiar LR / LCR / 5.1 master busses. Furthermore, it features a 64 x 64 processing matrix, 36 control groups, two solo busses and 64 FX Rack slots. The console is equipped with 48 graphic EQs, 384 Nodal processors, 128 Mustard processors and 32 Spice Racks.

“The Quantum852 is completely new in its design and construction, but is still instantly recognisable as a DiGiCo,” says DiGiCo managing director, Austin Freshwater. “Its familiar workflow will make any DiGiCo user instantly comfortable, but with a tremendous increase in power and speed.”

Also featured on display will be a returning favourite from last year’s PLASA Show: the Quantum338. This console offers incredible power and connectivity within a remarkably compact format. Additionally, the versatile and adaptable Quantum225 will be showcased, catering to the evolving needs of the live events landscape. When paired with the DQ-Rack featuring integrated Dante, it provides an ideal system for AV installations and the requirements of an AoIP networking environment.

Show attendees will have the pleasure of experiencing one of the industry's favourites, the world-class S21 mixing console. Complete with the latest S Series upgrade, the S21+ continues to astound in terms of the capabilities that an introductory digital console can provide.

Visitors to the booth can also expect to find KLANG’s immersive in-ear mixing systems, including the KLANG:konductor, KLANG:kontroller, KLANG:vokal and KLANG:quelle.

From the KLANG:konductor, which stands as KLANG’s most powerful and versatile processor, to the KLANG:vokal that showcases the immersive IEM processor with optimal flexibility and user-friendliness for installations in environments like houses of worship, studio, broadcast and theatre, and finally to the KLANG:kontroller, which offers swift tactile user control of channels, groups and immersive mixing through an intuitive interface; attendees at the PLASA Show can test a full suite of KLANG’s offerings that can cater to a wide spectrum of applications, ranging from small-format rehearsals to expansive live performances, ensuring that every musician can hear precisely what they desire, at the precise level they require.

“We’re showcasing a range of DiGiCo and KLANG solutions, with the highlight being our latest innovation, the Quantum852 mixing console. We’re looking forward to immersing ourselves in the buzz the PLASA Show never fails to deliver, and meeting with our industry customers and colleagues,” concludes Freshwater. “The entire team is excited to be back at PLASA2023 and hope for a great show with plenty of footfall!”


29th August 2023


Modular NX1, new NETRON devices highlight PLASA offerings for Obsidian Control Systems

Modular NX1, new NETRON devices highlight PLASA offerings for Obsidian Control Systems

UK – Obsidian Control Systems invites lighting control professionals to Stand D50 3-5 September at the 2023 PLASA show at Olympia in West London. Sample a host of new innovations including the modular NX1 lighting console and latest ONYX software, as well as the world’s first IP65 data distribution range and other NETRON data distribution devices. 

The latest software expansion of the popular ONYX control platform will be available to view and test drive. Featuring NDI video input, real-time audio analysis and beat sync, this updated version enhances workflow across Obsidian’s various console and PC solutions, such as the popular NX1 in combination with the NXP expansion wing and NXK portable keypad add-on.

Visitors will have a chance to demo the NX1, Obsidian’s scaleable, full-featured lighting console that has propelled the ONYX platform's popularity to new heights. A compact, motorised fader wing, the NXP, as well as a small USB-powered control surface for ONYX, the NXK, both ideal companions to the NX1 console, will also be on display.

Despite the immense amount of IP-rated entertainment technology on the market, until now, there has been no IP-rated data distribution devices. NETRON introduces the world’s first IP65 product range for entertainment data distribution. Utilising a custom-designed sealed chassis, IP ports and touch controls, IP65 solutions are provided as a six-port RDM splitter (RDM6 IP), six-port EtherDMX Node (EN6 IP) and an eight-port managed POE switch (NS8 IP).

Obsidian is also launching a comprehensive line of NETRON products in smart form factors optimised for system integrators and fixed installations. Two new compact devices with interchangeable connection plates offer performance and flexibility. Available as RDM6D (six-port RDM splitter) and EN6D (six-port EtherDMX Node), these rugged chassis can be DIN-rail or wall mounted and provide Terminal, IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) and RJ45 DMX options all included. Data ports can be repositioned to the top, bottom, or front of the devices, accommodating various wiring and mounting requirements.

Other new devices from NETRON include the EN12i, a powerful hardwired rackmount node,  EP1, the new single-gang size EtherDMX node in the NETRON line, NS8, NETRON’s half-rack-sized managed switch solution and RP2, an intelligent two-way DMX power relay that serves as a protective device for lighting fixtures.

Visit Obsidian at Stand D50 for a more in-depth exploration of these groundbreaking innovations.


29th August 2023


Chauvet Professional to Put PLASA London Visitors in Positive Frame of Mind

Chauvet Professional to Put PLASA London Visitors in Positive Frame of Mind

UK – “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body,” wrote Vincent Van Gogh, who knew a thing or two about creating beautiful visuals with colour and motion. The team at Chauvet Professional readily embraces the philosophy of the great impressionist, which is why they’ve built their innovation-rich PLASA London stand around the theme of “Frame Your Stage, Bringing Immersion Into Frame.”

Lighting designers who visit the company at Stand D10 will find an extensive array of exciting new Chauvet Professional fixtures along with ChamSys consoles that will help them create compelling visual cores which, after all, are the essence of framing in their productions. Leading the way in this regard are additions to Chauvet Professional’s, wildly successful Maverick Storm series.

Occupying a key position in the Chauvet Professional stand will be the new Maverick Storm 4 Profile, a compact IP65 rated powerhouse capable of creating an all-embracive frame at even the largest arena or amphitheatre. Drawing on its powerful 1,250W LED engine and advanced optics, this fixture can throw 60,000 lumens over great distances. Meanwhile, its sharp shutter framing, smooth iris, and 8.5:1 zoom make it ideal for creating tightly focused areas of light.

Featuring CMY + CTP colour mixing system, The Maverick Storm 4 Profile opens up an unlimited array of colour options. In addition to its colour rendering prowess, the new fixture has two rotating, indexing and interchangeable slot-and-lock gobo wheels, as well as an animation wheel, making it ideal for creating a variety of patterns on stages and other surfaces. The fixture’s versatility is further enhanced by its two prisms and frost filters.

Another new offering at the stand, the Maverick Storm 3 BeamWash, opens creative vistas with its two zones of zoom control. Both zones independently zoom from 4.6 to 53.6 degrees.  A 16-lens outer zone and 12-lens inner zone combine to deliver a massive 19,062 lumens of output from 28 x 45W RGBW LEDs.

This fixture also features built-in macros with foreground and background control, opening the way to designing compelling visual environments that provide an immersive frame for any on stage performance. What’s more, a unique lens design delivers excellent colour blending, tight aerial beam effects and visual impact live or on camera, whilst dual mode operation enables pixel-mapped effects to run under ArtNet/sACN control with separate assignment of motorised functions to DMX.

Providing a more linear frame is the COLORado PXL Curve 12, a fully pixel-mappable motorised batten with individual control of zoom, tilt and colour across 12 independent heads. Powered by 12 x 45W RGBW LEDs, the IP65 fixture, which features seamless edge-to-edge mounting, can be used to create a stunningly bright and vividly coloured frame on stage.

However, this is only the beginning of what it can do.  With its 12 individually controlled heads, each with 200-degree tilt, built-in effects, gobos and macros, this fixture is not only capable of framing a stage, but also animating it with dynamic motions. Exactly the kind of ‘frame’ that Vincent Van Gogh himself would have loved.

29th August 2023

New Elation Proteus, Fuze and KL to show at PLASA 2023

New Elation Proteus, Fuze and KL to show at PLASA 2023

UK – Elation will present an exceptional line-up of new lighting tools 3-5 September at the PLASA tradeshow at Olympia in West London. Discover how Elation continues to push the boundaries of possibility in the world of entertainment lighting. Visitors to Elation Stand D50 will be some of the first in the UK to see the latest cutting-edge luminaires in the company’s Proteus, Fuze and KL lines, along with other innovative lighting solutions designed to elevate the live entertainment experience.

Highlights in the market-leading Proteus IP65 series include the new Proteus Radius, a high-intensity Beam FX fixture with Solid State phosphor-converted light engine and Proteus Odeon, a framing profile fixture with an industry-first completely variable CRI LED engine. Visitors will also be some of the first to see the Proteus Hybrid MAX, a compact IP65 hybrid fixture and the upgraded big brother of Elation’s ground-breaking Proteus Hybrid.

Also on display will be the new Fuze Teatro, a fully automated yet fanless framing fixture for completely silent operation and the first fanless automated luminaire incorporating an additive colour engine. New luminaires on show in the KL ‘Key Light’ series include the KL CYC cyclorama/set/wall wash along with the all-in-one KL Profile FC and KL Spot IP ellipsoidals. The industry’s broadest range of automated lighting is complemented by professional Obsidian lighting control and dependable Magmatic atmospheric effects.

Don't miss this opportunity to explore the future of lighting technology. The Elation team of experts will be on hand to provide demonstrations and insights into the advanced features and versatile capabilities of these groundbreaking fixtures. Elation partners with Entedi Ltd to distribute Elation products in the UK. Join them at Elation Stand D50 and Entedi Stand C18&E16 and be part of the evolution of light.

Proteus Radius is a compact, high-intensity Beam FX fixture with IP65 rating. Utilising an efficient 100W solid state phosphor-converted light engine, the fixture projects narrow, intense beams with incredible power at long distances. The solid state phosphor-converted light engine delivers an ultra-intense 0.9˚ beam that slices through with unparalleled brilliance, visuals that command attention and leave a lasting impression, even across vast distances. Three-hundred-and-sixty degree movement on both axis allows for impactful beam animations, while the CMY colour mix, gobos, prisms and frost allow the designer to compose an endless array of stunning aerial effects.

Proteus Odeon features the industry's first completely variable CRI LED engine. The variable CRI system allows for custom selection of the best blend of light output and colour accuracy and is seamlessly adjustable from CRI 70 to CRI 93. As CRI adapts, the colour temperature remains stable, ensuring accurate colour representation and visual quality. With CRI adjustable from a single fixture, not only can Odeon cater to a wide range of applications but designers do not require multiple variants of lights to achieve accurate colour representation. An industry-first innovation in colour and performance control, this IP65-rated framing profile fixture is also packed with design features.

Proteus Hybrid MAX is a compact IP65 hybrid fixture that seamlessly combines high output and extended lamp life. This upgraded big brother of Elation’s ground-breaking Proteus Hybrid is equipped with the innovative Philips MSD Platinum FLEX 500 lamp, boasting a 550W rating and lamp life of up to 4,000 hours. The fixture incorporates CMY and linear CTO colour correction, along with an extensive range of projection and effects choices. Emitting a brilliant 22,000 lumens through its spacious 170mm front aperture, the Proteus Hybrid MAX produces vividly potent beams, precise gobos and vibrant washes, qualities that make it adaptable for nearly any application, all while delivering a remarkable return on investment.

Fuze Teatro is designed for any application where a silent fully-automated framing fixture with outstanding and compelling colour range and quality is required. The fixture is fanless for completely silent operation in noise sensitive environments. It houses a 480W RGBMA LED array with CRI of 91 and output of over 15000 lumens. Two rotating gobo wheels, animation wheel, dual frost, prism and iris round out its comprehensive feature set.

KL CYC is an ideal LED lighting solution for smooth and even cyclorama, set and wall washing applications. Housing an RGBMA colour system, it utilises a carefully crafted asymmetrical reflector design to achieve perfect blends while covering significant heights with ease. It is also an ideal choice for footlight positions, providing excellent versatility for stage, film, television and event lighting use. Seamless magnetic alignment, a simple mounting bracket attachment and elegant power and data management make the KL CYC a breeze to integrate.

KL Profile FC is a manual ellipsoidal framing fixture with 305W RGBMA LED engine designed for a wide array of precision lighting applications. With a seven to 50-degree zoom, the fixture requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any theatre or performance venue. Included is a 16-bit rotating gobo slot and full blackout framing system with a Fresnel wash conversion kit available as an option. Output exceeds 10,000 lumens.

The IP65-rated KL Spot IP is a fully automated static ellipsoidal fixture with zoom and the ideal complement to the KL Profile FC. With a seven to 50-degree zoom, the fixture requires no additional lens tubes, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any venue. High colour quality and colour manipulation are central to the KL Spot IP and a comprehensive feature set ensures plenty of design options.


29th August 2023


Robert Juliat at PLASA 2023 with Sound Technology

Robert Juliat at PLASA 2023 with Sound Technology
Robert Juliat at PLASA 2023 with Sound Technology

UK – Robert Juliat will be exhibiting at PLASA 2023 with its exclusive distributor for the UK, Sound Technology on stand C22.

The stand will feature Robert Juliat LED products, focusing on RJ’s award-winning Sully 4C profile and Fresnel fixtures and Tibo HE in the generic ranges, Dalis 862 variable white and Dalis 864 four-colour Footlights, and RJ Arthur LT 800W LED long-throw 4°-10° followspot. Robert Juliat’s real-time position-tracking system, SpotMe, will also be presented.

Sully 4C Profile (650SX 4C), which won the 2022 LDI Award for Best Debuting Product in the Lighting category, is a four-colour (RGBLime), 200W LED profile that delivers perfect whites and high quality saturated and pastel colours, and is also a swift and economic solution to convert RJ 600SX tungsten fixtures to LED.

Sully 4C Fresnel (315LF 4C) is a compact fixture that presents the same level of colour quality and control as the profile and is available with a choice of 200mm Fresnel or pebble convex lenses.

Robert Juliat’s innovative software platform, RJ Color, is integrated into the Sully 4C range for refined control.

Tibo HE is a mighty compact 115W LED profile available in warm or cool white, with zoom ranges from 15°/35° and 30°/45°. It delivers a very high CRI and is proving extremely popular as an LED upgrade in smaller theatres or TV studios.

Part of the award-winning family of Dalis cyclorama, wash and footlights, Dalis 862 and 864 Footlights are available as full size 150W or shorter length 75W models to suit all venues and applications, from theatre to fashion shows, exhibitions to shop windows.

Dalis 862 offers a true tuneable white from 2200K to 6500K. Dalis 864 features a four-colour mixing system of red, green royal blue and warm white (2200K) LEDs. Each row of reflectors can be controlled independently for colourful upstage or downstage lighting and have a low profile and stylish finish for clean, uninterrupted sightlines.

Arthur LT, Robert Juliat’s 800W LED long-throw followspot designed specifically for stadium and arena applications, exhibits the wealth of features one would expect from Robert Juliat and packs a punch equal to that of conventional 2500W discharge models at a fraction of the power consumption.

Arthur LT has a zoom range of 4° - 10°, and a high CRI (>94). With the choice of several ventilation modes, Arthur’s sound level is much quieter than any of its discharge rivals; it can be operated as easily in opera houses as on concerts. Arthur LT is also available with top controls for the iris and dimmer functions.

A presentation of Robert Juliat’s bespoke solution for followspot technology and intelligent lighting, the award-winning SpotMe, will also be on hand. SpotMe takes its lead simply and efficiently from the movements of a Robert Juliat followspot and is able to produce tracking information in real-time, with no emitters or cameras on stage or performers.

SpotMe is the perfect device to add to existing followspots, and a genuine solution that combines high-technology and human control over the lighting design and operation at the same time.

25th August 2023

Robe at PLASA

Robe at PLASA
Robe at PLASA

UK – Robe looks forward to the buzz and energy of another PLASA expo at Olympia, London, 3rd – 5th September, where it will be launching three fantastic new products and debuting a brand-new live performance concept on stands A70 & C28. Designed to create drama, excitement and anticipation, visitors will be drawn to the booths by Robe putting a real live production at the heart of the event.

Robe’s partner companies Anolis and Artistic Licence will be on adjacent stands and this area of the show floor will be a lively and interactive ‘takeover’ space where all are welcome to enjoy the tech, innovation, drama and great vibes!

iFORTE LTX WB is currently the brightest fixture on the market and an ultimate long throw LED wash beam for all environments, developed for stadium shows, concerts and all events and spectaculars where serious intensity is needed over massive distances.

Powered by Robe’s internally designed, developed, patented and manufactured iSE-TE 1000W XP (Xtra Performance) IP65-rated white LED Transferable Engine, this produces an incredible, industry-leading 335.000 Lux at five metres.

Robe’s powerful data-capturing Transferable Engine technology offers all the advantages of field exchange, cost-effective replacement, plus the ability to keep up with LED development to ensure an exceptionally long fixture life. With typical lumen maintenance of L70\B50 50.000 hours, the four-year 20,000-hour warranty gives peace of mind, whatever the weather.

The iFORTE LTX WB can create an imposing visual statement with its beautiful solid beam and 245mm front lens.

Innovative optics help attain outstanding WashBeam functionality. The luminaire also contains three zoom modes: standard optical mode for the widest 3.5° - 55°coverage; a followspot mode of 2°-55° and long throw followspot mode producing an ultra-tight 0.8 – 2° to deliver tight, crisp beams without any intensity loss over long distances.

Robe’s FORTE Fresnel and PC washes also utilise the brand’s revolutionary Transferable Engine technology and this maintains super bright light quality over time, combined with an innovation-packed high-output wash luminaire.

Both products deliver powerful, intense washes without losing any theatrical subtlety or control, featuring either the classically soft Fresnel beam or the slightly more defined PC beam, they are great for any performance space and application.

The wide-ranging zoom from 6°- 61°(Fresnel) and 5.5°- 62° (PC) offers complete even coverage making the FORTE Fresnel comparable to a traditional 2.5 kW Fresnel luminaire.

The new Robe TE 1.000W XP (Xtra Performance) White 6.700 K LED Transferable Engine generates an incredible 90,200 lumens to ensure high output for those big, bold statement washes. Both models output over 41,000 lumens from the front of the fixture, offering amazing power and exceptional beam quality.

These revolutionary self-referencing, data-capturing engines are easily changed within five minutes, and are designed, manufactured (and patented) by Robe. The L70/B50 ratings of 50,000 hours and a four-year, 20,000-hour warranty assure longevity and continuity.

The CMY colour mixing system provides buttery smooth colour transitions from the subtlest pastels to the strongest saturates, continuing Robe’s reputation for exceptional colour mixing. Two colour wheels, CRI 80 and 90 filters, plus a variable CTO from 3,000 to 6,700K ensure there is  a full range of colour finesse.

The FORTE Fresnel has unsurpassed levels of beam control, including medium and light frosts, RotaScrim a graduated filter system with position control, +/- 180° rotation and edge colour correction and the rapid 4Door internal barndoor system for accurate individual blade control and +/- 90° module rotation.

This gives maximum flexibility compared to most other large Fresnel luminaires.

“The Power of Imagination” is the first show in a trilogy of new Robe expo productions, aptly named to evoke a sense of the unexpected!

It will comprise three talented performers and a story devised by Robe’s creative team to excite and enthral visitors with a mind-boggling light show utilising all Robe’s newest technologies. This will be running five times a day for the first two show days and four on the final day.

The lightshow also highlights more of Robe’s moving light and LED technologies including iPAINTES, iESPRITES, T1 Profile FSs, T11 Profiles, PCs and Fresnels, LEDBeam 350s, Tetra2s and TetraXs, Spikie+s, iBeam350s, iSpiiders, the ingenious FOOTSIE and the ever-popular RoboSpot remote followspot system.

As always with Robe, there will be one or two great looking surprise products on the stand, seen for the first time only at PLASA 2023!

Robe’s architectural and LED lighting brand, Anolis, has its own space on Stand C28 and Anolis will highlight its new Calumma, Ambiane and Eminere product ranges.

Calumma M & S fixtures are now available with asymmetric optics specifically designed for street, road, and pathway use, where unwanted glare reduction and efficiency are paramount. The unit is engineered for pole mounted applications that optimise pole spacings and enhance sustainability.

The Ambiane SP range has been expanded with an adjustable version of the downlight and a new pendant version which offer the same key features - homogenous light output, power balancing, 18-bit dimming and TV friendly green +/- control. Currently these are available in pure white, tuneable white, RGBW and tungsten dim formats.

The Ambiane SP16 pendant remote – currently the smallest of the range – will also be on the stand demo offering an efficient, powerful and high-quality solution for lower ceiling applications.

There will be one of every fixture in the Eminere range including the in-grounds.

Part of the Robe group, Artistic Licence will be on Stand C28 showing a selection of its omnipresent lighting control technology products popular across the entertainment industry and a favourite for systems integrators and installers. As the originators of Art-Net, the company produces an assortment of inventive gateways, splitters, switches, protocol converters and other related networking and test products and solutions.

Atmosphere engineers and experts MDG are also located on Stand C28 and will be showcasing their current range of haze and fog generators including ATMe, ATMe WPE, Me2, Me8, theFAN and Ice Fog Q, and the Robe live show will feature theONE and Ice Fog Q in action.



25th August 2023

Robe Lighting