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Cally Bacchus

Director A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd.

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Cally Bacchus

Caricatures by

David Lewis

Mr Calville Dean James Bacchus, otherwise known as Cally, found himself in the entertainment industry by bumping into the owner of A.C. Entertainment Technologies (formerly known as A.C. Lighting Ltd.), David Leggett, at a local pub. He's not looked back since. Cally successfully moved up the ranks, and eight years later was appointed international sales director. To date, his time at A.C. amounts 12 years. His childhood passion for following a career in law was put on hold, but comments: "What would you rather do, sit in the office or travel the world?"

Cally had no idea his career could be in this industry and like most people he finds it hard to resist. He travels to all the major, and not so well known, industry trade shows building strong, long-lasting business relationships with customers and suppliers around the globe; all of which is part of A.C. Entertainment Technologies global expansion plan.

Cally adds: "I do feel fortunate to have the opportunity to travel as extensively as I do. I've made many fantastic friends around the world, be they co-workers, clients or suppliers. I'm very proud to work with such a long established and experienced group of people."

To help Cally in his travels, he is trying to learn those all-important phrases in multiple languages. Cally speaks a little Portuguese but is embarrassed that he's nowhere near the fluency of his team who can speak Spanish, Russian, French, Lithuanian, Afrikaans, and yes, Portuguese. He counts himself lucky that he can turn to such a knowledgeable and experienced group.

Outside work, Cally is very much a family man.  He lives in a village in Buckinghamshire with his wife Melanie and two sons: five-year-old Tomás and seven-month-old baby Louie. Not widely known is his love of flying. With a few hours accumulated in light aircraft, he hopes that one day he'll have the chance to complete his PPL. Cally says: "As much as I love to fly, I remain a little obsessed with food and wine. And yes, every once and a while I still manage to visit the local pub."

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