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Jane Monk

Marketing manager, Pulsar Light of Cambridge

No. 5 in a continuing series

Jane Monk

Caricatures by

David Lewis

Jane Monk (née Dorling) was headhunted by Pulsar and as a consequence sacked by her previous advertising agency employer, who remains anonymous for legal reasons!

Having project-managed the Pulsar account for two years, she was originally accosted by Andy Graves (now Pulsar's head of sales and marketing) at an all-night rave hosted by Jane and her friends - lights courtesy of Pulsar!

Following the inevitable blaze of controversy, she finally joined Pulsar as publicity and PR manager in 1992 at the tender age of 22. In those days, her ability to stay up all night, party with the lads, and still be on the exhibition stand at 9am looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed definitely had its plus points. Her six-years of experience handling all aspects of PR, design and media production also came in very handy.

A part-time model and make-up artist, she is infamous for her chameleon-natured appearance, and her ability to get the job done - whatever it takes - and still have an infectious smile on her face is a mystery.

After marrying touring lighting guru Skippy two years ago, she became a Monk (by name, not by nature) and they now live a retired rock ‘n' roll lifestyle in a 300-year-old haunted cottage situated in a sleepy countryside village in the middle of nowhere.

As editor of Pulsar's in-house magazine Illuminate, Jane still makes the odd personal appearance at the occasional outdoor festival (depending on the weather!), gig, or club opening. However, having been promoted to marketing manager and reached the ripe old age of 31, she is now more often found vacating sumptuous VIP or backstage areas, particularly ones with large comfy sofas and waiter service.

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